Laughing – Why Is It Important? – Tips for Health

Importance of Laughing

Laughing is the natural nature of human beings. When we were younger, the whole day used to pass in laughter and fun then we started growing up We had to do higher studies… Good job was water. We had to set ourselves in life Now we started taking ourselves seriously and In this affair, we lost the smile of our face somewhere. And now people make smiles on Whatsapp and Facebook more than they laugh!

Today through this article

I will try to understand the importance of laughing once again, why do you know that it is important to laugh?

Friends, if you are engaged in building your personality then you need – to laugh, to practice to keep a smile on your face and to be humorous: so that you can overcome sadness, stress, depression, anxiety, jealousy, anger etc. And bring miraculous changes in your personality and life.

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Now multinational companies are also becoming very serious in appointing people who can promote humor in the work place to create light atmosphere in the office. Companies have created the posts of “Humor Consultant” for this work because they believe that in such an environment:

– The person works at double the speed.

– His work ability is encouraged.

– Can communicate better than the boss.

– The person remains agile and agile, etc.

Smile is an item that we can give to everyone. If you have made a habit of being happy, have made laughing and smiling a part of life, then surely you will keep moving forward. Your confidence will increase and wherever you are, you will pull people towards you with your smile. You will connect with people and people will join you.

Mahatma Gandhi, Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, Benard Shaw, Socrates, etc. to name a few who kept themselves free by adopting smiles and humor.

It is even said that when Socrates drank his cup of poison, he was smiling.


a great personality in the field of personality building, has written-

Nothing is spent on the smile, but it produces a lot; the recipients of it get rich, but the givers do not remain poor. A moment’s smile sometimes becomes a memory, which is very useful. Even then it cannot be bought, cannot be asked for, cannot be lent because it is of no use to anyone in the world until it is given.


These words about smile are milestones on which you can bring enough sparkle in your personality.

Carlile has said

“We have to be someone who sings and keeps busy in his work, who does his work in a short period of time, that’s why our life is successful”.

Lord Byron has also said

“When there is an opportunity, always laugh because there is no cheaper medicine than this” Indeed, laughter is the best medicine.

Qualities of smile:

– Physically and psychologically, laughter and smile have many qualities, such as-

– Laughter causes glow in the eyes.

– One gets relief from depression or depression, moments of grief fly away.

– The balance of health, which has been destroyed due to insomnia or any bad information, is completely achieved by laughing.

– Smiling leads to increased confidence and mutual interaction.

– The power to repeat a task is given.

– Helps to overcome problems.

– Self-power is strengthened.

– The inferiority complex goes away and our face looks comparatively more beautiful.

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Things to keep in mind:

– Laughter should be restrained so that your laughter does not reflect the other’s derision.

– Artificial laughter will show your mind’s emptiness.

– Laugh without chance and without thinking.

– Those who bind themselves with an image, their laughter seems to be smothered, which is limited only to the edges of the lips. The quality of Sense of Humor is lost in such individuals.

– If you laugh and laugh at others, then you can also inculcate the quality that you can tolerate the joke of others.

– To laugh at weak people, the disabled, or in the event of a disease is to make yourself fall under your eyes.

Shakespeare has said:

What should you do? Whatever you should do, get it with your smile and not with the sword.

A person who smiles is happy himself also makes others happy. Smile face can easily do any work. Napoleon’s work, which a dozen of his servants could not do, was done by his wife Jozefine with his smile.

Where did your smile go?

How often do you smile throughout the day and how often do you smile? Is your grin disappearing more than before? Has it become a thing of the past to laugh with friends? If “yes” then you are living your life the wrong way!

On the one hand, you are working hard day and night to make your life better, and on the other hand, your hard work is being flown away! Balance in your life It is very important to move forward in life, but with a smile… not without a smile!

So if you are among those whose smile balance is zero or close to it, then leave everything and sit in peace once and within your lifeHave a look, try to understand that whatever you are doing, if he is snatching your smile from you, then things need to be changed somewhere… Let us change things… Let us put that smile once again… the same smile Call back and make this life truly beautiful!