Neem – Use Neem In Jaundice, You Will Get Immediate Relief

Neem is very beneficial for our body. It is not only used in the diagnosis of diseases, it is also an important part of cosmetics. Learn about the health benefits associated with it.

Benefits Of Neem.

Neem is considered a miraculous tree. There is a saying prevalent in India that on the land where there are neem’s trees, how can there be death and disease. Bitter neem in taste is considered very sweet due to its medicinal properties. it is very beneficial for our body. It is not only used in the diagnosis of diseases, neem is also an important part of cosmetics. Different parts of Neem’s tree like leaves, bark, fruits, oil etc. are helpful in making our life disease free. It has so many properties that it is used in the treatment of many diseases. Neem has the properties to fight diabetes, bacteria and viruses. Neem’s stem, root, bark and raw fruits are found to have strength and fight against diseases. Its bark is very useful especially in malaria and skin related diseases. The bacteria fighting properties present in its leaves help in removing pimples, blisters, itching, eczema etc.

Neem For Burns And Boils.

Applying grind of its oil or leaves on a burnt place provides relief. Its leaves and oil have antiseptic properties. Therefore, applying its oil in the cut area does not fear tetanus. Apart from this, if you want to avoid the problem of boils and pimples then grind neem leaves, bark and fruits in equal quantity, now apply this paste on the skin. It cures boils and wounds quickly. Boiling neem’s leaves in water and cooling the mouth with that water removes acne.

Neem For Ear And Teeth Diseases.

Applying its oil to the ear cures the problem of earache or running. Burn neem oil with high heat and cool it a little and put it in the ear regularly for a few days is said to give relief in deafness as well. Apart from this, sleep is also beneficial for teeth. By regularly taking neem teeth, the germs found in the teeth are destroyed. This makes the gums strong and teeth shiny and healthy. Mixing naeem’s bark and leaves with this water is beneficial if gums bleed and pyorrhea occurs.


Neem In Jaundice.

Jaundice occurs due to obstruction of the bile that reaches the intestine from the gall bladder. In this case, the patient should mix powder of dry ginger in the juice of neem’s leaves. Or, drinking only two parts juice of neem’s leaves or boiling of bark and one part honey is very beneficial in jaundice.

Profitable In Stone.

To avoid stone problem, grind about 150 grams of neem’s leaves in 1 liter of water and boil it. Drink this water when it is normal. Doing this regularly can remove stones. If the stone is in the kidney, take about 2 grams ash of neem’s leaves with water daily. would benefit.

Neem In Stomach Problems.

Neem is very helpful in getting rid of many stomach problems. To destroy stomach worms, mix honey and black pepper in the juice of neem’s leaves and drink. Crush neem’s flowers and put it in warm water and sieve it, it breaks constipation. Drying neem leaves and mixing with sugar provides relief in diarrhea.

Helpful In Diabetes And Cholesterol Control.

It is a panacea for diabetes. Lack of exercise and lack of protein in the diet causes diabetes. Taking its extract or juice in the morning keeps diabetes under control. Also, making a decoction of neem stem bark and fenugreek powder for a few days regularly provides relief in diabetes. Apart from this, sugar can be controlled by taking an empty stomach mixed daily with its leaves juice and aloe vera juice. In addition, it is a blood purifier, it helps in lowering cholesterol. The use of neem leaves reduces the amount of cholesterol by up to 200 grams. Consuming it for 10 days in a month reduces the risk of heart attack.

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Skin Beauty And Neem For Hair.

Blood purifies by drinking the juice of it’s leaves, which increases the radiance of the face. Massage the entire body with neem oil. This makes the skin disease free. In addition, while bathing, put fresh neem leaves in water and bathe with this water. In addition, neem is also a great hair conditioner, boil neem leaves in water and make a paste by grinding it. Mixing honey in this paste and applying it to the hair ends the problem of dandruff and the hair is very easy.

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