Tooth Decay – Causes, Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment

There is a statement in English – Oral(Tooth) health is overall health. Meaning that oral health is an indicator of overall health.


Healthy teeth = Healthy body

Today we will learn about a common problem related to oral health and learn how with a little care and awareness, we can avoid tooth decay and discomfort.

Tooth Decay:

Our teeth are made up of calcium, phosphorus and other minerals. However, the hardest part of human body is its teeth but due to carelessness and lack of awareness, they also become rot.

Toothache occurs due to tooth decay and there is difficulty in eating food, if the front teeth rot, then the beauty of the face gets stained and there is a decrease in self-confidence.

So let’s know about the cause of tooth decay and how to avoid it.

Causes of tooth decay / Causes of Tooth Decay:

Tooth decay is a very common problem, but it occurs inside our mouth and is not visible to anyone, so we ignore it.

There are 3 main reasons for tooth decay

food and drink.

Foods that contain high amounts of carbohydrates and sugars are more prone to tooth decay, if the food is sticky, such as toffee, sweets, potato chips, then the risk of decay is even higher.

Cleaning teeth and their texture.

Not cleaning teeth properly is like inviting decay. It is necessary to clean the teeth two times daily. In this way you can reduce the growth of bacteria present in the mouth and can also clear the trapped food. To keep teeth clean, you should brush properly, floss and use mouthwash.

Buccal bacteria.

No matter how much cleaning someone does, there are bacteria in everyone’s mouth. But how well we clean our mouth decides that the number of bacteria will increase or decrease. And if the number increases, then what factors are causing them to decompose.

As soon as you stop eating, bacteria starts their work, it forms a kind of white layer on the teeth which we call plaque. This plaque is the home of bacteria and can be prevented from forming by brushing regularly two times. The bacteria present in the mouth need carbohydrate and sugar to make acid, which causes tooth decay.


Symptoms of tooth decay:

The first symptom of tooth decay is a brownish stain on the upper surface (enamel) of the tooth. Then this stain gets a little bigger and takes the form of a hole and food starts cropping up at that place. The process of decay is accelerated by getting food and the tooth hole becomes bigger. When this hole becomes a little deeper and reaches the inner surface (dentin), then we start to feel cold or sweet. When the rot goes into it even more, then it reaches the pulp (vein of teeth) and infects it, and then we have severe pain in the teeth.

Floss your teeth everyday!

Prevention of tooth decay:

– Get your teeth checked every 6 months with your dental hygienist.

– Wake up early in the morning (how to get up early in the morning) and take time for your daily work, standing in front of the mirror and brushing so that you can see if the teeth are being cleaned properly.

– Clean the teeth 2 times a day, once in the morning and once at night.

– Do not rub the brush too hard and do not exceed 2 minutes. Learn the correct way to brush.

– Use a mouthwash.

– Cleanse between the teeth with floss once before going to bed at night.

– Eat less sweet and sticky preparations.

– Eat less cakes, pastries, taffies, chips, and use whole grains in your diet.

– Avoid cold drinks containing soda.

– Quit smoking, BD, cigarette and tobacco.

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Tooth Decay Treatment:

– If your teeth have become decayed, then first of all you see your dentist, tell them your problem in detail.

– If the rot is small and is on the upper surface of the teeth, then your dentist will clean it and fill it in that hole. This filling can also be of tooth color and can be of metallic, it will depend on your choice.

– If a large part of the tooth is damaged due to decay and there is a complaint of tooth pain, then the dentist will first take an x-ray of the teeth and then tell you about the treatment.

– Mostly rotten teeth are saved by root canal therapy (a treatment of the vein) and then a cap is placed on it.

– Artificial fix teeth can also be placed on the place where very bad and completely decayed teeth are removed.

– It is always said that “prevention is better than cure”, so it is better that we start taking proper care of our teeth so that treatment is not needed.

– Friends, I hope that the information given here will prove useful to you and will improve your oral health.

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