Tobacco Intoxication – Causes, Symptoms and Prevention

World No Tobacco Day is observed every year on 31 May. The World Health Organization (WHO) started celebrating this day in 1987. Around 6 million people die every year due to the use of tobacco in the world, so the reason behind celebrating this day is that the general public should be aware of the damage caused by tobacco and stay away from tobacco products.

Tobacco is a slow poison that keeps the person consuming slowly and pushing it to death. People inadvertently keep on consuming tobacco products, slowly the hobby gets converted into addiction and then intoxication is done not only for the sake of pleasure but also without wanting what a poet has said

– Who fucking drinks to have fun,

– We drink because we have to drink!

– Tobacco products are consumed in many forms, such as beedi, cigarette, gutkha, zarda, khaini, hookah, chillum etc. Every puff of cigarettes, beedis and hookahs and every pinch of gutkha, yolk, khainiis leading to death every moment.

Harmful effects of tobacco.

– The main ingredient that gives intoxication or excitement in tobacco is nicotine, this element is also the most deadly.

– Apart from this, many other cancer causing substances are found in tobacco.

– Smoking, tobacco and eating can cause mouth, throat, trachea and lung cancer.

– Heart diseases.

– Arterial sclerosis, high blood pressure.

– Stomach Ulcer,

– Acidity,

– The possibility of insomnia etc. increases with the consumption of tobacco products.

Cause of tobacco addiction:

Sometimes I have seen others, sometimes in bad company, sometimes under pressure of friends, sometimes I want to show myself big at a young age, sometimes the urge to fly smoke rings, sometimes in movies, watching my beloved actor smoking Sometimes the effect of family environment causes addiction to tobacco products. Most of the people consume cigarettes, gutkha, yolk, etc. with friends in adolescence or puberty, when the hobby turns into habit and habit addiction does not seem to be known and until it is known, the body reaches a lot of damage.

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Measures to quit smoking, zarda, cough, etc. (How to quit tobacco / smoking)

1. Decide on drug addiction from the heart.

2. If you find it difficult to give up with a stroke once in a while, then gradually reduce the quantity and release.

3. Tell all friends, acquaintances that you have given up the addiction so that they do not force you to take drugs.

4. Write a diary that when and how much amount you are intoxicated, what is the reason that motivates you to get intoxicated.

5. Leave cigarettes, gutkha, tobacco, and matches etc. with you.

6. Improve eating and lifestyle.

Ayurvedic Ways to Quit Tobacco / Smoking:

1. Take 50 grams of fennel and equal quantity of parsley, add roasted, little lemon juice and light black salt to the pan. Keep it in a pocket in your pocket. Whenever there is a call for cigarettes and tobacco, then put some grains in the mouth and keep chewing, it will reduce the time, indigestion, anorexia, gas (gas, acidity) will get relief.

2. Drinking lemon juice and honey in lukewarm water reduces the summation and removes toxic substances from the body.

3. Put dried amla pieces, cardamom, fennel, myrobalan pieces in a pudia so that when summoned, keep some pieces in the mouth and keep chewing them. Craving reduces as well as sour belching, loss of appetite. of appetite), relieves flatulence.

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What is the problem while giving up addiction? / Withdrawal Symptoms:

Cigarettes, BD, and other tobacco products give rise to many symptoms, which are very irritating, they are called Withdrawal Symptoms, such as:

– Stress, anxiety.

– Restlessness.

– Lack of appetite.

– Palpitation.

– Lack of sleep.

– Excessive sweating.

– Craving.

– Depression.

– Headache etc.

If the symptoms are not serious enough, depending on how long and how much the person is taking the drug, then in such a situation, the herbs and medicines of Ayurveda are very beneficial, such as Asgandha, Brahmi, Shankhpushpi, Jatamansi, Amla, Harda, Triphala, Mulhathi, Fennel, Cardamom, Salt, Bhaskar, Drakshasava, AshwagandhaAvaleh, Agnitundi etc. are very useful which are consumed by the doctor’s opinion Interpretation can.