Stomach Worms – Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Stomach Worm Disease Symptoms Cause & Treatment:

Stomach worm disease.

If you go to bowel movement, it is found that there are small white worms(Stomach Worms) in the stool, or if there is a problem of itching on the bowel movement, then it can be a worm disease, that is, a worm in the stomach. There may also be a complaint of abdominal pain when worm disease increases. In busy lives, many people ignore this problem as a minor. And later on, this small disease takes serious form.

Our body is made up of very complex ingredients. Correct eating and exercise is very important to keep the body healthy. The ultimate source of energy for the human body is food. The body gets energy by eating food. And with energy, all the organs of the body are able to function smoothly. When there is a disturbance in this system, there may be a problem of worm disease i.e. stomach worms. If the worm disease is not treated in time, then this common disease becomes painful.

What are the symptoms of stomach worm disease?

– Person grinds their teeth while sleeping.

– Sometimes itching in the nose.

– White worms appearing in the stool.

– Skin dryness.

– Tongue white.

– Spotting on the cheeks.

– Red eyes.

– Mild fever.

– Having a stomach ache problem.

– To get confused.

– Anorexia.

– Feeling of weakness in body

What is the main cause of stomach problems?

1. Habit of eating food when there is no appetite

2. Eating food with dirty hands

3. Taking food contaminated with flies

4. Excess consumption of sour and sweet items

5. All purpose flour, raita, curd, curry, ground grain

6. Drinking impure or contaminated water

7. Weak immunity system of the body

Keep things away from worm disease problem:

Salted food, meat, fish, gram flour, potatoes, cayenne pepper, radish, milk, curd, indigenous ghee, eggs, sour, stale food, waking up late at night, sleeping during the day, massaging the body, alcoholic, Consuming cigarettes.

All these are harmful in worm disease, stay away from them.

Which things will be beneficial in case of worm disease problem

Amla, orange, ginger juice and chutney, honey, lemon, moong, old rice, asafoetida, thyme juice, pineapple juice, mustard greens, rai, cumin, gourd, bitter gourd, parwal, torai, Bathua, Kanji, Arhar , And the consumption of apple reduces the stress of worm disease.

Ayurvedic treatment to remove the problem of stomach worm:


Prepare small tablets by mixing 50 grams of Sonamakhi, 50 grams of Gulkand, 20 grams of dry grapes, 20 grams of honey, 20 grams of bark of myrabalan, 20 grams of sixty. Taking these pills with milk is very beneficial. By using this stomach worms die within a few days. These pills can be taken two to three times a day.


Sugar, salt and lime of bud – Take 2-2 grams of all three, and put them in 200 ml of water. Now drink 20 ml of water out of that water Worm disease will be cured by doing this experiment continuously for few days.


Taking the same amount of olive oil and Tejpal and mixing it and applying this mixed oil at the anus gate provides relief in worm disease. Take 3 grams of jaggery, mix clan in it, eating these two together will also remove stomach worms. Drinking onion juice kills stomach worms. Drinking mixed with onion juice in the onion juice is beneficial. Drinking onion juice mixed with honey will also benefit in worm disease.

Stomach Worms


Black pepper is also the best way to cure worm disease. Drink 10 to 10 grams of black pepper with buttermilk with buttermilk. By doing this experiment continuously for one week, the worms present in the stomach are destroyed.


Taking equal quantity of jaggery and garlic kills stomach worms.


Eating twice-a-day salt-salt Lasun chutney also kills worms.


Mixing a few drops of garlic juice in buttermilk, drinking it relieves this disease. Use it two to three times a day.


Taking amla juice thrice a day for a week eliminates stomach worms.

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Boiling Bathua in hot water and extracting its juice and drinking it kills stomach worms.


Grinding the seeds of Bathua mixed with honey and drinking it provides relief in worm disease.


Worms die by drinking a decoction of basil leaves. Worm diseases of children disappear immediately by this remedy.


Worm disease is eradicated by eating raw banana vegetable for some time.


Grind bividung and sixty together to make powder and take it with honey, stomach worms are removed.


Taking walnuts with hot milk is beneficial in this disease.


Drinking cooked coconut every day is beneficial.


Stomach worms are destroyed by drinking pumpkin juice daily.


Taking black cumin powder with honey clears the stomach worms.


Eating asafetida kills stomach worms. Mixing some water in asafetida and applying it on the anus route also provides relief.


Worm disease is cured by drinking carrot juice on an empty stomach. Eating raw carrots for some days also kills stomach worms.


Drinking a glass of water after adding a pinch of salt also kills stomach worms. And the feces go out of the door.


Worm disease is also cured by drinking a decoction of dried peels of bijora lemon.


Drinking lemon juice eliminates complaints of rheumatism and also eliminates stomach worms.


Betel juice is also effective in removing this problem.


By drinking LataKaranjaoilWorms are destroyed.


Stomach worms are removed by eating raw feminine and drinking water of feminine daily.


Worms die by drinking mint juice. Drinking mixed with lemon and mint juice is more beneficial.


Mix neem, turmeric and triphala in equal quantity and then take this churan, worms and leprosy are also cured by taking this churan.


Regular eating of lentils does not cause stomach worms.


Mixing the fine powder of raw betel nut with milk or butter and consuming it will cure worm disease.


Grind jasmine leaves and extract juice from it and drink it to kill worms.


By making raw mango kernels, they take the churan twice a day and kill stomach worms.


Worms are destroyed by adding salt to the buttermilk made from curd made from cow’s milk.


Mixing fine powder of parsley in jaggery and consuming it eliminates stomach worms.


Worms are also removed by grinding Indrajou properly and taking it.


Worms are removed by mixing Motha powder with honey.


Worm disease will be cured by taking asafetida powder. This is an easy remedy for the worm disease of children.


Extract the juice of castor leaves, then mix some asafetida in that juice, by this use the stomach worms die and the feces come out of the door.


Taking a decoction of neem bark, saliva, basil juice, and neem oil kills stomach worms. And there is relief in pain caused by worm disease.


Worm disease will also be cured by taking churned of mustard rye with cow urine. One or half teaspoon of mustard solution should be dissolved with 100ml cow urine.


Drinking orange juice two to three times a day kills stomach worms.


Even after taking ground powder of cannabis with castor oil, stomach worms go away.


Worm disease is cured by eating soybean curd.


Eating radish also kills stomach worms.


Grind the bark of Ankole tree very finely, then taking that powder twice a day gives relief in worm disease.


Grind peach leaves finely and mix a little asafetida in it and consume it as well to cure worm disease.


About 30 to 60 minutes after taking food, drinking a glass of lukewarm water can kill stomach worms. Remember that the water should not be cold and not too hot.


Mixing the powder of ashwagandha in Giloy’s powder and taking it with honey kills stomach worms and also relieves stomach pain caused by worm disease.Worms are destroyed.

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