Stevia Benefits / Benefits of Stevia and Side Effects

Stevia grown in the topical regions of North and South America has many advantages. It’s leaves with the scientific name Stevia rebaudiana are sweet in taste. This plant of the sunflower family is prominent among the species of shrubs and herbs. It contains many antioxidant compounds such as flavonoids, tannins, comperol, triterpenase, caffeic acid and quercetin. Iron, fiber, sodium, protein, magnesium, potassium, vitamin A and C are among the elements found in it. Efforts should be made to understand the advantages and disadvantages of stevia in detail.

Advantages and disadvantages of stevia:

In Skin Care:

Our skin remains in direct contact with the external environment. Therefore, due to not taking proper care, there is a possibility of many types of disorders in it. It is helpful in curing disorders like eczema and dermatitis on the skin. Acting as a steroid, it stops the spread of bacteria.

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In Cancer:

It contains many antioxidant compounds such as flavonoids, tannins, comperol, triterpenes, caffeic acid, and quercetin. All these are an ideal dietary supplement in the treatment of cancer. By eliminating freerdicles, they prevent healthy cells from turning into cancer cells.

In the treatment of diabetes:

It has many benefits in our body. Its most important function is that it can control blood sugar levels. Stevia is a compound known as stevioside, known as a non-carbohydrate glycoside compound. Its sweetness is a better option for diabetic patients or those who eat a carbohydrate controlled diet than the sugar usually found. So those people can eat it without any worry.

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Keeping the mouth healthy:

Mouth health means taking care of teeth etc. In this, the role of stevia is to prevent bacteria from growing in the mouth. It is also used in our dentin. It has a role in healing cavity and gingivitis.


In strengthening bones:

Among the many researches on stevia, a research has also been done on poultry. In it, the eggs of stevia-eating chickens were found to contain more calcium than eggs on average. Although this research has not been done on humans till now, but it is expected that it will be effective on humans also.

In weight loss:

Stevia is less calorie despite being sweeter than sugar. That is, by its sweetness, you can eat all the things of your choice like candies, cakes and cookies etc. without any tension. This will not increase your weight.

In controlling high blood pressure:

The benefits of stevia are also seen in controlling high blood pressure. Apart from stevioside, many types of glycosides are also found in Stevia. In fact glycosides play an important role in relaxing blood vessels, increasing urine and eliminating sodium from our body. This keeps high blood pressure under control.

In heart disorders:

It also takes care of our heart due to the properties of glycosides found in stevia. Glycosides protect our heart from many disorders such as heart attack, atherosclerosis, stroke, by reducing the pressure on the cardiovascular system.

What are the disadvantages of Stevia?

Some people see many disadvantages of Stevia such as swelling and spasms etc. Apart from this, headache has also been seen in some people.

Many people are allergic to marigold, ragweed and daisy related plants, such people may also be allergic to stevia.

In view of these disadvantages, you should consume stevia only with the advice of an expert.