Spontaneity: Is a Disease in Men? Know the answers to 7 such questions related to the expert.

Spontaneous inflammation (Spontaneity) is a condition that is usually seen in men. People consider it as a disease or a serious problem and suffer from stress, while the opinion of the expert is the opposite.

In adolescence or youth, the problem of dreaming is seen many times. Dreaming and automatic ejaculation of men at bedtime. This sticky substance is known as semen. It is called dreamy because it gets excited while dreaming. However, it is a natural process. But, if it happens again and again, it is important to consult the expert. Let us know in detail through this article about Swapnadosh (Spontaneity) and all the aspects related to it.

What are nightmares?

From adolescence to youth and growing young people fall prey to dream problems due to many reasons. The young man’s sexual interest, obsessed thoughts, obscene thoughts, reading pornographic books or watching any such movie are aggravated by dreaming and in such a day, he gets sleepy at night or at night.

1. Is dreaming a disease?

Dreaming (Spontaneity) is a problem that is slowly becoming normal. Today many men are facing this situation when their semen secretes during sleep. There is no problem with dreaming. This is a natural part of growing up. Even if you have too much dreaming, it does not mean that there is any defect in your body and this does not affect your body and health. Some people have nightmares several times a week.

2. At what age does dreaming occur?

Nightmares range from 16 years to 30 years. As you get older, your chances of having a dream decrease.

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3. What are the causes of dreaming?

You may have to face the problem of obscene thoughts, reading pornographic books, dreaming of watching pornographic films.


4. Does everyone have dream dreams?

No, not everyone has a dream defect. Rather, the people who always think about sex are more likely to do so.

5. What should be done if dreaming is happening?

Experts say that dream defect is a mental illness, to avoid it, it is very important to keep your thoughts right. Whenever you have to take a bath, do not use very hot water, if possible, take a bath with cold water. Always take good care in your mind. Abandon indecent thoughts in mind.

6. Can girls also have nightmares?

Girls are also victims of dream defects. Girls, however, rarely realize this condition because women’s genitalia develops inward. This condition occurs in women when they undergo intense sexual sensations. There are many other reasons for nightmares in women, such as the feeling of sexual arousal due to pressure, friction, etc. on or around the genital area at bedtime.

7. Is spontaneous prevention necessary?

As we have already said that this is a natural process, there is no need to worry too much about it. The thing to keep in mind is that you control the obscene thoughts that arise in your mind and stay away from pornographic books and porn movies. If you have more problems with this, then you can definitely consult an expert.

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