Shilajit Benefits / Benefits of Shilajit and Description

Today We will Talk about Shilajit Benefits, Lets begin.

Shilajit has a special place in Indian herbs. Ayurveda has greatly admired Shilajit and has distinguished its quality. Shilajit is used in most of Ayurveda’s nutritious, oozer-enhancing, diabetic and metal-rich recipes.

One of its great features is that it is not only useful to cure the disease of the sufferer, but is also useful for a healthy person. Not only a married person suffering from sexual dysfunction, impotence, unmarried youth can also be consumed.

In particular, Shilajit proves to be very good for curing diseases like diabetes, metal deficiency, polyuria, nightmares, all types of diseases, sexual dysfunction, impotence, weakness of the body, weakness of old age etc.

There is no practicable disease, which cannot be destroyed by the use of Shilajit, done at the appropriate time, with proper formulations. Shilajit is famous for destroying all types of diseases.

Shilajit Benefits – Shilajit Benefits List


Mostly unmarried youth are found to be suffering from dreaming but married men are not untouched by this.

Mix pure Shilajit 25 grams, iron iron 10 grams, saffron 2 grams, 2 grams of amber, 2 grams, and then add it to the kharal and make it fine and make 1-1 ratti tablets. Eating one tablet with milk in the morning and evening stops dreaming, as well as increases digestion, memory and physical strength, so this experiment is also useful for students.

Mix Shilajit and Bangabhasam 20-20 grams, 10 grams of iron and 5 grams of asbestos, mix all of them in a mortar and make 2-2 Ratti tablets. Taking one tablet with milk in the morning and evening stops dreaming and in the body

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Balputi comes.

If the married men of premature ejaculation consume it, then their disease is destroyed. Stop eating sour and sour substances, one of these two recipe should be consumed for at least 60 days.Diabetes: Due to the effect of food and living, the number of patients with diabetes is increasing rapidly. Shilajit is excellent in destroying this disease.

Grind 20 grams of pure Shilajit, 40 grams of Vijayasar powder, 20 grams of Haridra (turmeric), 40 grams of fenugreek powder and mix them all. (Dry and grind Shilajit and mix). Consuming half a teaspoon of powder with the syrup of berries keeps the sugar under control. Make the syrup of berries at home or you can use the vinegar vinegar from the market. Similarly, taking 1-1 tablet of PrabhameGajKesari and ShilajtwadiVatiAmberukya with milk in the morning and evening is also beneficial in diabetes. Both of these yoga are with Shilajit.

High blood pressure:

Pure Shilajit should be taken in the morning with decoction after filling two to two spoonfuls of Anantmool and Mulahti in 2-2 ratti quantity. To clean the stomach at night, one should take a spoonful of delicious powder with lukewarm water. High blood pressure is normal with the use of this experiment.


Mix 5 grams of pure Shilajit, 20 grams of Giloy extract and 20 grams of powder, fill it in a vial. Taking half a teaspoon of amla with marmalade, four times a day, stops headache in a few days.

Liver Disorders:

Taking pure Shilajit and Iron Bhasma 2-2 Ratti and Triphala powder with half a teaspoon, three and a half cups of cow urine before going to bed in the morning and night, eliminates liver disorders.

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