Shikakai: Benefits, Uses and Side Effects

Acacea consinna is an ayurvedic medicine found in the shrub found in parts of Asia, Central and South India. Shikakai is prepared by drying the bark, fruit and leaves. After grinding all of these make a paste which is used for cleaning hair. The properties present in it make it smooth and strong by applying it on hair regularly.

Shikakai Nutritional Properties

– Enriched with anti-oxidants.

– Containing vitamins A, C, D, E and K.

– Glucose.

– Arabinos.

– Rhamnos.

– oxalic acid.

– citric acid.

Ascorbic acid.

– tartaric acid.

Shikakai Benefits – Benefits of Shikakai.

1. To clean hair.

The properties of it make it the best natural hair cleanser. It is a better alternative to chemical based shampoos. Being light, it protects the natural oils from the skin of your scalp.

2. Condition the hair.

Due to the low pH levels in it, it is the best natural remedy for settling hair and making them soft and shiny. It not only cleanses the hair but also conditions them.

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3. Treat Dandruff.

Due to its abundant vitamins, it treats dandruff by helping to fight fungal infections.

4. Make hair shiny and soft.

Being rich in vitamins and minerals, it makes hair shiny, soft and heavy.


5. Help remove lice.

It not only cleanses the hair but also eradicates lice from the hair. Just add a few drops of lemon juice to the Shikakai paste and apply it to your hair.

6. Retain hair color.

It also helps to maintain hair color. Regularly applying the hair can prevent white hair.

7. Relieve stress.

It provides cooling, so it helps relieve headaches and tension when applied to the head or used for massage.

8. Treats Leprosy.

In the case of leprosy, applying it on the affected areas can be effective to cure this disease.

9. To wash clothes.

A combination of Reetha with Shikakai acts as a detergent. Used to remove stains from clothes and to wash delicate clothes such as cashmere and lace.

10. Moth Resistant.

It’s anti-bacterial properties make it an insect resistant and larvicidal.

Shikakai Uses:

Shikakai Shampoo.

– Soak it’s beans, Amla and Ritha in water overnight.

– The next day, boil and mash all the ingredients in water.

– Sieve the water and use it as a shampoo.

Shikakai Oil.

– add one teaspoon of shikakai powder to half a cup of coconut oil.

– Keep it for a few hours.

– Apply to the hair 2-3 times a week.

Shikakai Side-Effects:

– Excessive use can lead to asthma and respiratory diseases.

– It can also cause inflammation and acidity.

– If applied continuously, it can make the scalp skin oily.

– May cause dryness.

– Nausea and stomach upset may also be the cause.

– Pregnant and lactating women should avoid using it.

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Shikakai: Guide to Buying

Where to buy Shikakai?

– Grofers.

– Net meds.

– Amazon.

– Flipkart.

Some popular brands:

– Himalaya.

– Patanjali.

– Khadi Herbal.