Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – OCD

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Most of the day of Rakesh is spent in investigation. It takes him a long time to get out of the house because he is always suspicious whether he has closed all the windows, lights and fan switches. He always sees five or six times whether he has turned off the gas or not, but still his mind remains busy, so he has to do all the work again. Sometimes he asks his friends to check all the things again. If he does not do this then he starts having unbearable nervousness. He knows this is stupid but he feels that if he makes a big mistake then he will be responsible for it.

In the same way, Reena has liked a lot of cleanliness for the last about 6-7 years. Often she does some washing, wiping or cleaning and washes her hands several times a day until it turns red. You can see them washing their house or room with water even during the cold winter nights of December-January. Her family is also troubled by these things but she cannot stop it. ”

Both these humans know that their value is meaningless, yet both of them are unable to stop themselves. In psychology, this condition is known as Obsessive – compulsive disorder (OCD). Obsessive compulsive disorder is an anxiety and anxiety disease in which some unnecessary thoughts or habits create a place in the mind of a human being in such a way that even if the person wishes, he cannot control them. Your mind will keep thinking about one thing again or else you will keep doing one thing again and again until your mind is relaxed.

How to know if you have OCD – Symptoms of OCD.

– If a person has OCD, he will wash his hands repeatedly with soap during the day. He will be worried or nervous whether his hands are dirty or germs.

– There is a strong desire to count electric poles or trees on the road while walking or to touch them.

– Making money count again and again.

– Repeated bathing or cleaning the house several times a day.

– Some thoughts or images keep coming in the mind again and again and humans cannot control them.

– Such people also have the fear of harming any other person without talking, so they keep away from things like knives and fire.

– Getting more upset than other people if things are not in the right place or right place. For example, if the books are not properly placed in the cupboard.

– Constantly arguing with myself whether to do this work or do other work. In this way, a person cannot even make a small decision.

– Repeatedly asking others whether everything is okay or not.

– Repeating any one job.for example – to read or write any one thing again and again.

– Putting waste in the house, such as empty food boxes, torn clothes.

– Attention to moral or religious views to the extent of insanity.

If such symptoms have been in a person for more than 6 months and if this has any effect in their daily routine, then they may have obstructive compulsive disorder. But if the repetitive behavior of a person is happy, then it is not OCD like gambling habits, taking drugs or drinking alcohol.


Why is Obsessive compulsive disorder?

The main reason for having OCD is the disturbance in the level of certain types of chemicals in the brain, such as serotonin. Research has found that OCD comes from one generation to another. If one’s parents have OCD, then their children are also likely to have OCD.

If a person pays a lot of attention to cleanliness or does everything with perfection and is a person with high moral principles, then he is more likely to get OCD.

When can OCD start?

Obsessive – compulsive disorder can occur to any person at any age. Symptoms can come and go over time. The first stage of this disease is for children aged 10 to 12 and the second one starts at 20-25 years. If you look at the figures, about one in every 50 people can have OCD in their life. That is, it is not such an uncommon problem, and if the misfortune is about you or someone you know, then there is no shame in it, just like any other disease, it needs to be treated.

Those who do not have this disease should not look at people suffering from OCD from a different point of view, it is just a result of chemical dis-balance and it can happen to anyone tomorrow!

What is Cure / How to cure OCD?

Many people with mild OCD recover on their own without treatment. OCDs of moderate to severe intensity require treatment although their symptoms appear to disappear at some time but may reappear after some time. Stress or sadness may be seen in people suffering from acute OCD. Treatment will be helpful for them.

Nowadays it is possible to give considerable relief to patients with modern methods of treatment of obsessive compulsive disorder. Yes, it may take 6-7 weeks or more to know the effect of its treatment. As much as medicine is important in its treatment, equally important is the treatment of psychological method called psychotherapy.

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What People Will Say?

Many people because of shame (what people will say) or the insanity of them from the point of view, they hide psychological problems and keep on suffering, due to which the problem increases further. This attitude increases the problem rather than easing it. Some of the greatest people in the world, who despite this problem have earned a lot of name in the world include Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, musician Ludwig Van Beethoven, Michael Jackson, versatile artist Michael Angelo. If you or anyone around you has any type of psychological problem, then go to a psychologist or psychiatrist. It can be treated very easily with psychological therapies.

Friends, at the end I would like to say one thing, when we read about a disease, we feel someplace that its symptoms are inside us. Most people think about it for a while and then become normal, but some people take more time to get over this idea. So if after reading about OCD, you are getting such thoughts that this disease is also you, then these thoughts will disappear after some time. On the other hand, if seriously its symptoms match you, then face this reality boldly and uproot this disease from the root!

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