Masturbation – Misconceptions And Correct Information

If you go to Google and write “hastmaithun” (Masturbation) then you will automatically start getting suggestions

Meaning most young people consider masturbation or masturbation as harmful or harmful.

But is it correct to think so? Is it just a disadvantage or an advantage? And many such questions come to his mind. Today, through this article, it will be my endeavor that I may be able to calm the curiosity of those who also have such questions. So let us know about it in detail:

Q 1: What is Masturbation (pronounced as-Mastbation) and Masturbation and how to do it?

Masturbation, also colloquially known as hand practice or licking; One way to experience the sensation of sex is by touching your body parts by yourself, in which a person often reaches orgasm, ejaculation or climax, that is, his sperm comes out of his penis (penis) or vagina (vulva).

Men usually do this by taking their erected penis in their hands and back and forth until they reach the climax, while women do this by touching vagina with their fingers.

Seeing a provocative photo or video before masturbating or masturbating or just imagining something very sexy is a part of stimulating your sexual parts.

Q 2: Why do people masturbate?

To enjoy sex without having real sex. Some people, whose partners are not available or willing to have sex, also masturbate and calm their sexual desires. And of course, people who want to donate their sperm or undergo infertility testing of their sperm also masturbate.

Q 3: Where do people masturbate?

It is not definite, and varies from person to person. However, the boys mostly go to the toilet and the girls masturbate while lying on the bed.

Q 4: Can a woman become pregnant by masturbating?


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Q 5: Is there any risk of sexually transmitted disease or sexually transmitted disease?


Q 6: When does masturbation start?

For boys and girls, this generally, this teenage, ie starts between 13 to 19 years. In some cases it can start even earlier?

Q 7: What age do people masturbate?

By the time they are able to do so, almost their entire age… even in old age.

Q 8: Are masturbators no longer virgin?

It is not, you remain a virgin until you have sexual intercourse with someone.


Q 9: Is masturbation a normal thing?

Some people in our society consider it bad but if the morality attached to it is kept aside then there is no harm in masturbating. Rather, we can see it from this angle that if nature had not created this method of sexual pleasure, many kinds of criminal problems could have arisen in the society.

Yes, masturbation is considered to be a problem when one oversteps it and thinks about it throughout the day. And even if someone does this work publicly, it is a problem.

Q 10: Can masturbation be harmful in any case? (HastmaithunkeNukasan)

Yes, as we know that in some cultures it is seen as a sin, so if someone masturbates with guilt feeling then one can get stressed.

In case of women, inadvertence can occur if using a dildo (dildo-penis shaped object) or vibrator to masturbate.

Q 11: I am a girl. Can masturbating cause my hymen (membrane) to burst?

The hymen is a thin membrane that covers the vaginal opening in young girls. Due to sexual activity, it bursts and gradually becomes thin. Sometimes it becomes so flexible that it stretches itself according to the penis. If you put something in your vagina to masturbate, then your hymen can burst from somewhere.

Q 12: But a hymen burst means that I am not a virgin?

This is a very big myth. You loose your virginity only when a man has sexual intercourse or sex with you. Many girls are not virgins despite being hymen and many girls are not virgin even though they are hymen.

So here are some questions and answers, which give you information about hastmaithun ke nuksan faayde. Let us now see some MYTHS related to masturbation:

Masturbation Myths:

Myth 1: Masturbation will end my sperms and I will never be a father or a mother?

wrong. The sperms in our body constantly produce, and do not end by masturbating.

Myth 2: Masturbate turns hair white, or stops growth, worsens health, etc.

These things have not been revealed in any study. So, these are just misconceptions. Conversely, masturbation is believed to have some benefits, such as reducing stress and eliminating headaches or insomnia problems.

But as the universal truth is – “Excess of anything is bad means nothing is very good”, masturbationOne should not overdo it… Usually masturbating for 1 to 2 times a day is normal.

Myth 3: Girls do not masturbate.

Yes, not as much as boys do and not because of any moral values, but because their body needs are different; Hence.

Myth 4: Married people do not masturbate.

Not at all, married people also masturbate. Yes, it is definitely that if males are about to have proper intercourse then masturbating before that can degrade their performance.

Myth 5: People who masturbate are dirty.

Then 99% people are considered dirty!

Myth 6: Masturbation makes one physically.

It’s not like this. Actually, it is a falsehood spread by so called Sexologist and Vaidya-Hakimas, who want to squeeze money in the name of early fall and masculine weakness.

So friends, we saw that as such there are no disadvantages of masturbation (hastmaithunkenuksan) and that is why you do not need to take measures to stop it (hastmaithunroknekeupay). If you masturbate, then you are a normal person like crores of people, you do not need to feel guilty nor worry about your health.

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