Meditation – why and how?

Today, Yoga and Meditation have become very common words. We are all well aware of this and many of us also do yoga. TV. And the Internet has helped a lot in this. But it is often seen that we start it loudly but gradually there is a decrease in enthusiasm and we abandon it, how to meditate in Hindi and start the morning walk, running, going to the gym, etc. , In which there is a feeling of newness and a connection to modernity. This is usually because we start experiencing boredom while meditating, boredom because nothing new, nothing interesting, nothing spicy. But believe it, you can not find interesting, fun and unprecedented euphoria, provided you know what to do, and how to do it. Meditation does not mean that your body is lifeless or dead like it is in sleep.

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This meditation is – “Sleep is unconscious meditation and meditation is conscious sleep”.

In today’s run-of-the-mill life:

we are all running after happiness. A student is anxious to pass with good numbers, he passes, but is not happy, is worried, thinks when he gets a job he will get happiness, he gets a job, still he thinks ahead , Khushiya will get on promotion but she worries further. He is always seeking the happiness of the future and lets the happiness of the present go in vain, he never realizes that happiness is not somewhere outside, not in some future but now, right here, inside, in his inner being Meditation is in peace, and the only means to make this happiness a constant feeling. Yoga means to connect the soul with the divine. This work can be done only by going into meditation.

Such a big saint of Gyanamargi branch has not said this:

True, the soul sitting inside our body is only a part of that God, so when God is omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent, then why not us. Just as a piece of diamond will be similar to a large diamond in atomic structure, similarly the powers of that divine are also in us, we need to know that one who knows it can use it, otherwise like an ignorant He would throw the diamond just as a shining stone. These powers can be known only by meditating.


To get into meditation:

we have to move away from the noise of the outside world and listen to the voice of our inner being. Now how to hear the inner voice is very easy, if we stop listening to the outside voices, then the voice that will remain is the voice of the inner being and listening to it is meditation or samadhi. But along with the outside voice, some voices or say noise is going on inside us. You have closed your eyes and ears, but the mind is still thinking – “Tomorrow is to go to office early, the ration of the house is over, the wife has to go out to eat today” etc. Things that distract our attention But it is not too difficult to overcome. When you close your ears, you will hear two sounds, one of your heartbeat and the other of breath. Apart from these two, there is also a third voice and we have to focus our attention on that voice. This voice is just like a jingle, if you do not believe it, then you will try it. Slowly you will hear other sounds which will not be heard initially due to not being sharp, but as you meditate, these sounds will become clear, sometimes you will hear the sound of slow flowing river water. Rimjhim of falling raindrops. All those voices that you hear in the outside world, you will be heard inside yourself and slowly when you have moved towards Self Realization you will not even know.

Now we will see the method of meditation. But remember, meditating should be a fun act and not a torturer (Meditation should not be a torture, it should be a fun). As you may have heard before, attention should be paid between the two eyebrows but after a while it causes headaches and we get bored after few minutes.

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To meditate, follow the following procedure:


Choose a comfortable and quiet place away from the hullabaloo and where you can sit comfortably. You can also sit by hitting the palm or you can meditate while sitting in a chair.


Close your eyes and put ear plugs in your ears, buy orange colored ear plugs for Rs 15 in any drugstore, if not available, you can also use cotton.


Take ten long breaths, breathe slowly, comfortably, and breathe deeply and in the same manner, breathe comfortably. Count the count from ten to one while exhaling, remember the count is only counted while exhaling, not while taking.


Focus on your inner voice, just listen to the sounds going on in the brain, never analyze them, do not even want to listen, they will listen themselves, keep the mind calm.


Don’t let your thinking wander if everIf the mind wanders, do not get upset, do not bother me, smile with love and bring them back to you. Anyway, once you start hearing the voices going on in the brain, then your own attention will automatically come back and your brain will stop thinking about external things.

This is the way of meditation:

but to get its proper reward quickly, you have to cleanse and cleanse your body. This can be done in two ways, the first is to cleanse your body from the outside (detoxification), for this you can do Oil Pulling, which is mentioned in detail on Google, after getting up in the morning by adding lemon-salt in warm hot water. Drink, exercise regularly, participate in physical play, keep yourself active as much as possible. This happened to keep clean from outside, to clean the inside of the body i.e. to keep thoughts clean, read good books, go to temples, mosques, churches, gurudwaras wherever your mind gets peace, go with people with good ideology. Behave well, think well. This will help you a lot in achieving your goal.