Marigold Benefits – Benefits of Calendula

Almost everyone will be familiar with marigold flower. The decoration is done in any ceremony or festival using its flowers only. But you will be shocked to know its medicinal properties. A variety of beneficial ingredients such as carotenoids, odour oils, sterols, glycosides and flavonoids are found in marigold flower. Many things made from marigold are found in the market. So that many of your problems are removed. Let us know the benefits of marigold.

For the skin.

Marigold flower enriches our skin in many ways. Oil made from marigold flower, if we massage on our face, it is very beneficial for the skin. If you regularly massage marigold flower oil on your face, blood circulation also increases. As a result, it also improves your skin.

Wound Healing.

Marigold flower is endowed with antiseptic and anti-microbial properties. That is why when we apply marigold flower oil on the wound or on the burnt place, it helps in healing the wound. Wounds or burns can be quickly cured with its help. Cream made from marigold flower also helps in healing the wound quickly.

Create new cells.

In fact, with increasing age, the skin cells start to get weaker. And the amount of wrinkles on the skin starts increasing. Cream made from marigold’s flower helps the skin cells to regenerate. And with this help, there is a reduction in wrinkles on the skin. Phytoconstituents are found in marigold. That stops the anti-ageing process. Not only this, but marigold tissue also plays an important role in reconstruction. It makes you look younger.

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For the eyes.

Marigold’s tea contains antioxidants, Jexanthin, lutein and lycopene etc. Which are helpful in removing all the problems of the eyes and preventing blindness. Apart from this, the juice of marigold reduces redness and pain by washing red sore eyes.


To prevent acne.

Problems like pimples or irritation often occur due to reading dusty soil on the face. In this case, Marigold’s flower oil helps us. Because it has antifungal properties. Which are helpful in removing stains and pimples etc.

Digestive problems.

Marigold’s flower helps us in dealing with many problems related to digestion, such as stomach disease, friend or acidity etc. Constipation problem can also be overcome with the help of a marigold’s flower. Marigold flower improves the metabolism of our body and removes toxins.

In the treatment of ear pain.

Apart from this, pouring the juice of marigold’s flower in the ear also gives a lot of relief in ear pain. Along with ear pain, it also clears various dirt coming out of the ear. Eating with sugar candy also cures problems like cough asthma etc. There is relief in respiration.

In reducing inflammation.

We can also use the marigold’s flower to reduce swelling. If there is more swelling in any part of the body, then grinding the marigold’s flower and applying it on the affected area ends the swelling. There are so many other benefits also available for marigold’s flower.

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