Manjistha (Rubia Cordifolia) Benefits and Side Effects

The scientific name of Manjistha is Rubia Cardifolia. The benefits of Manjistha are seen more as a blood purifier. Manjistha, which grows as a vine, is found in the mountainous regions of India. Its roots are used for medicinal use. Which grows as a vine, removes the toxins present in the blood responsible for various skin diseases and joint disorders. Manjistha with properties like astringent, thermogenic and rejuvenating also has the ability to balance unbalanced bile. It also has other advantages.

1. Skin Care.

It also has a clear role in skin care. Its special feature is that it can be used both internally and externally. Skin benefits in many ways such as pimples, discoloration, bright glow, pimples, eczema, itching, skin allergies etc. For this, mix some honey in Manjistha powder and apply it on the face. Apart from this, a good facepack can be prepared by mixing 100 grams of orange peel powder and 50 grams of sandalwood powder, 50-50 grams of turmeric and manjistha powder.

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2. Benefits of Manjistha in Arthritis.

We also know the benefits of it’s in joint pain. Sometimes, there is swelling in arthritis. It has a role in removing this inflammation. Apart from this, it also shows its benefit in improving appetite, bleeding, indigestion, dysentery, ulcers, diarrhea, parasitic worms.

3. Use of Manjistha in hair care.

It is a panacea for hair. Actually it works to give natural color to hair. Not only this, it can effectively fix the problem of white hair. It penetrates deeply into the hair and nourishes them and prevents them from breaking. It also makes your hair long.


4. Improve immunity.

One of the many benefits and qualities of Manjistha is that it also improves your body’s resistance. It keeps you healthy by fighting all the infections affecting your body. Manjistha can save you from all diseases due to its qualities in this way.

5. For lymphatic systems.

The work of repairing the lymphatic system also works well. Actually, it helps in nourishing the cells and helps in removing all the wastes from the body. It is also used to heal old wounds. For this, you should wash the wounds with decoction and then bandage it with extracts. By doing this, your old wounds start healing soon.

6. in periods.

Its decoction proves very useful for women during periods. In fact, the decoction of Manjistha gives you relief from problems like missing your periods. Not only this, it also purifies the breast milk of lactating mothers.

7. In fever.

Fever is a common disease. It often happens to someone. There are different reasons for this. But Manjistha protects you from this. Apart from this, it also protects you from intestinal ulcers and urinary tract infections.

Manjistha losses.

No specific side effects of Manjistha have been seen, but pregnant women and lactating mothers need to be careful in its use. As far as possible, use it only as directed by your doctor. Give the least amount of it to young children or it can cause harm.

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