Holi – Keep these precautions while playing Holi

Holi festival of colors fills many colors of happiness in our life. But sometimes due to our negligence or inadvertence of others, this color gets disturbed. That is why today, while playing Holi, we are telling you about some precautions that your.

-The skin.

-hair .


-Is important for the safety of.


How to take care of your skin in Holi?

-Do not get bleaching, waxing or facial before and after one week of Holi. By doing this, the pores of the skin are opened and the color can be in the skin.

-If your skin is very sensitive, ask the doctor and buy an anti-allergic tablet beforehand.

-Before playing Holi, apply moisturizer cream or oil on your body, so that the color does not stick on your body and removes easily.

-You can also apply Vaseline on the back of the ears and on the lips.

-To save the skin in Holi, cover your body as much as possible.

-Before playing Holi, drink water before and during play so that your skin does not get dehydrated.

-You can also keep aloe vera gel, cucumber juice or rose water with you, you can apply them if there is irritation in the skin.

-Instead of colors with synthetic colors and chemicals, you should use eco-friendly colors or if possible just play Holi with Gulal.

-Do not stay in the sun or water for long after applying the color.

-You should not use green, black, silk, and golden colors, as it contains the most harmful chemicals.

-Use hot water to wash the colors. You can add salt or glycerin to the water. Its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal property will reduce the effect of the chemical found in the color.

-You can also clean the skin by rubbing it with lemon to remove color.

-Many people get rid of color by mixing raw milk in gram flour.

-Use glycerin or aloe vera based soaps for bathing and apply moisturizer all over the body after bathing.

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How to take care of hair while playing Holi?

-Stop shampooing a day or two before Holi.

-Before playing Holi, massage the head thoroughly with coconut oil, it will freeze a layer of oil on the top surface of the hair and it will be easy to get rid of color.

-Adding lemon to the oil will cause less damage to the hair.

-Cover your hair well and play Holi. You can put on a hat or girls can cover their hair with a dupatta by making them tied or braid.

-After playing Holi, wash your hair with shampoo as soon as possible and also apply conditioner.

-Use light hot water for bathing.

-You can also remove the color from your hair easily by applying lemon juice in hair and it also maintains the chemical balance of the scalp.

-Apply oil well at night and wash with shampoo in the morning. This will cure hair loss.

holi eye care tips in Hindi How do you take care of your eyes in Holi?

Eyes are very sensitive and colors made from chemical can cause lot of damage to them. In some extreme cases, the eyes can be brightened. So while playing Holitake special care of eyes.

Before playing Holi, apply a layer of coconut oil around the eyes.

-Apply sunglasses while walking in Holi so that suddenly no one can sting the color in your eyes, but when someone is applying color, remove it.

-Do not put lenses in your eyes as far as possible while playing Holi. The color pasted into the lens can cause infection.

-If there is a color in the eyes, then you should use rose water, if you are not comfortable, then you should consult an eye doctor.

-Never rub it in the eyes when it gets colored or gulal but wash the eyes by splashing water.

-You should protect your eyes from color and gulal, if there is color or gulal in your eyes, then you should wash your eyes with cold water.

-If the colorists are under extreme excitement, then close your eyes and cover them with the palms and ask them to apply color only on the face.

-Especially avoid green synthetic colors which can cause great harm to the eyes.

Additional Safety and Precaution Tips for Nails:

How to take care of your nails?

-Friends, as happens with all of us that after playing Holi, color is applied on our nails, then there is a lot of difficulty in removing it, and it is a risk to get the color inside our body with food.

-Before playing Holi, apply coconut oil in your nails and massage it so that it does not apply color on your nails.

-You can use nail polish in nails and later remove it from the nail remover.

-Candles can be rubbed in the nails, due to this, there will be no color in your nails.

-You can also apply glycerin in your nails, which removes color easily.

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