Karonda (Cranberry) Benefits – Benefits of Cranberry

Many people say what is Karonda, just a small thing, but when you know its benefits, you will be surprised. This small thing gives big benefits. Come, let us know how Karonda is beneficial for our health

Protect against urinary infection.

Karonda can prove to be very helpful in preventing urinary infections. It contains flavonoid, which helps to prevent bacteria from originating in the urinary tract.

Avoidance of the cardiovascular system.

Cranberry ie Karonda can help protect against heart related diseases. Drinking its juice increases HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) levels. In addition, the anti-inflammatory properties present in it may help control blood pressure.

Cancer prevention.

A research conducted in 2016 has revealed that consumption of karonde helps to protect you from 17 types of cancer. The antioxidative polyphenols present in it prevent the cancer cell from spreading.

Mouth health.

Cranberries also help take care of your mouth healthy. According to research, the anti-inflammatory properties present in karaonde prevent infection in teeth and gums.

Reduce Bad Cholesterol.

If eaten in the right amount, karonde helps to increase good cholesterol (HDL). Its polyphenolic compounds maintain HDL and triglycerides levels in the blood (5). Because of this it protects you from a heart attack, diabetes and obesity.

Keep the stomach fit.

According to one study, the pigments present in it can help in fighting the bacteria present in the stomach. It can help to heal the internal cells of the intestines, which can prevent stomach ulcers.

Keep the kidney healthy.

If you do not treat UTI in time, then this infection can reach the kidneys. In this case, anthocyanidin anthocyanin present in cranberries may help protect the kidney from this problem.



Karonde, as we mentioned, has antioxidant and phytochemical properties, which help increase your immunity. Cranberry juice can prove beneficial for a person whose immune power is weak and falls ill frequently.

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Lose Weight.

Cranberry juice helps in removing the accumulated fat in the body, which can be easily reduced in weight. It contains a lot of fibre, which after consuming it, you do not feel hungry for a long time and your stomach is full.

Prevent infection from pregnancy.

Just like avoiding UTI, consuming cranberries reduces the risk of bacterial infection in pregnancy. However, the myth is prevalent that cranberry consumption in pregnancy can cause harm to the child, but this is not true. If used in limited quantities, cranberry benefits during pregnancy.

Prostate Disorder.

It is believed that cranberry consumption can reduce the risk of prostate disorder. Men are at risk of prostate disorder, which can cause diseases such as prostate cancer and benign prostate hyperplasia.

Glowing Skin.

You will be surprised to know that the intake of cranberries makes your skin glow. It is full of water, vitamin C and antioxidant properties, which help make your skin glowing.

Hair Growth.

If you are worried about the growth of your hair, then the consumption of karonde can be beneficial. It contains Vitamin-C and Vitamin-A, which help hair grow. In such a situation, you can drink cranberry juice regularly, which will add these vitamins to your body and your hair will grow.

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