Learn How To Use Herbs As Medicine: Importance, Uses & Benefits

Ever thought of trying out herbs as medicine to cure any disease?

Well, chances of you saying a YES is a little less because we all prefer to go for pharmaceutical medicines!

In today’s scenario, chemically developed medicines are always preferred over herbs as medicine.

We know that such meds act faster and provide immediate relief but do you know such pharmaceutical medicines have repercussions too?

The reason they heal our ailment faster is that such pharmaceutical drugs are chemically formulated which have the ability to treat us rapidly. At times, these chemicals react negatively, resulting in another health problem.

Such medicines have several pros but their cons cannot be ignored too!

We don’t say that pharmaceutical medicines should not be opted for but just for your benefit, do understand the disadvantages of such medicines:-

– Medical drugs have quite a lot of Chances of Side-Effects.

– Such medicines might not be always Pocket-Friendly.

– They might act as a Short-Term Solution.

– Such medicines are quite Addictive, their excess consumption might negatively impact your body.

– Several Medicine-Duplicates exist in the market, differentiating them might be not possible.

– Medicine’s alcoholic content can harm your health.

These were just a few cons of pharmaceutical medicines.

But don’t you worry, we have an amazing alternative for these medicines!


Herbs as medicine

Yes, Herbs is the ultimate solution.

If you do not want to find yourself facing any of the above-mentioned situations, go for herbs and herbal remedies!

Herbs are quite an underestimated gift of nature.

Herbal medicines have been in use for hundreds of years but since pharmaceutical drugs have captured the medical market, their usage has been declined.

No wonder why such a scenario is prevailing at present.

Today, everyone is living a fast-paced life. Everyone is busy doing some or the other work on a daily basis. Everyone is living a busy and occupied life. And if any person is unable to handle such a busy schedule and falls sick, they start searching for quick relief!

The quick relief chosen is often the pharmaceutical medicine only. Without understanding its negative impacts, the patient starts intaking such meds. He/She might not even think of choosing a safer option of having herbs as medicine.

Though pharmaceutical drugs provide quick relief the power of Herbs and Herbal Remedies should not be ignored.

We at Herbal Wish would like to make all of the readers like you, to know and understand the actual benefits of using herbs as medicine. We are sure, you will not be disappointed with the results of herbal medicines.

Well, Herbal Medicine, as we all know is an art and composition of herbs in a generic way which assists to treat any kind of ailment in the most natural manner.

Herbs treat us naturally with fewer side effects and heal from within.

Herbal medicines are composed purely of natural resources which have the potential to treat and heal various types and genres of diseases.

Lemon as herbal medicine

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There are several benefits of Herbal medicines and their remedies. Some of them are mentioned below:-

  • Such natural medicines have Minimum Risk Of Side Effects
  • They are Reasonable For The Pocket
  • Easily Available in the market
  • You can even grow herbs in your Garden
  • These meds provide Stability To Hormones And Metabolism
  • Ensure Natural Healing
  • Their usage is Worth The Wait
  • Such organic medicines have Remedy For Every Malady
  • Herbs Heal From Head To Heel
  • Have a Cure For Depression Too
  • They have the potential to Control The Chronic Cases

Usage of herbs as medicine, in present time, is quite underrated. Its importance and benefits are either unknown to the public or are ignored.

In order to get a clear picture, let us understand the concept & benefits of herbs and herbal medicines, one by one.

What is a Herb?

A herb is any plant with leaves, roots, stems, fruits, seeds, etc. which possess medical properties. Such plants have the ability to treat several diseases and ailments.

What is Herbal Medicine?

A medicine which is composed purely of a plant or a part of a plant is referred to as herbal medicine. Such natural and organic medicines have the power to treat various kinds of diseases.

Herbal medicine is one of the most ancient forms of medication which helps in treating several genres of ailments.

What kind of diseases do Herbs treat?

From chronic to non-chronic, herbs help in treating all kinds of diseases. If you are facing any skin problems, digestive disorders, respiratory issues, depression or any other ailments, herbs provide a solution for every malady.

Even wounds and cuts can be cured by using herbs as medicine.

How does Herbal Medicine treat a patient?

Herbs consist of a huge amount of naturally occurring medical properties/chemicals that have some kind of biological activity. Herbal medicine works in a similar manner as pharmaceutical medicines. But the main point of difference between the two is quite crucial.

Pharmaceutical drugs try to heal the ailment or disease immediately and quite rapidly. Our body, at times, might or might not be able to face such a rapid medical attack which may result in the adverse medical condition.

Herbal meds, on the other hand, aims to work along with the body. They gently get infused in the body and attempt to calm down the medical issue. They trigger the problem at a gentle rate and heal the health from within. Herbal medicines do not try to actively tip the health scales instead they try to fix up the disease from the core.

How long does it take for Herbs as medicine to work?

The regular intake of herbal medicine can provide faster results. The results of such medicines vary from person to person. The healing process and time are completely dependent upon the nature of the disease. Generally, it takes about 1-2 weeks for herbs to show its magic but in some cases, the outcomes can be a little faster or little slower as well!

But one thing is sure, no matter how much time herbs take to treat the ailment, results will always be good with minimum chances of risks!

Do Herbal Medicines have side-effects?

The side-effects completely depend upon the suitability of the herb to a patient’s body. Herbal meds may cause some side-effects if in taken improperly or in an excess amount.

One must surely check beforehand only if the herb is suitable to him/her or not.

What types of diseases a Herbal Med can heal?

– Allergies

– Infections

– Chronic Diseases

– Deficiency Diseases

– Respiratory Ailments

– Communicable Diseases

– Non-communicable Diseases etc.

What are the different forms of Herbal Medicines?

Herbal medicines are available in several forms like:-

– Capsules

– Tablets

– Ointments

– Syrups

– Tea

– Powders

– Liquid Herb Extracts

– Soaps

– Creams

What are some of the commonly used herbs?

– Turmeric

– Ginger

– Aloe vera

– Lavender Oil

– Gotu Kola

– Cranberry

– Garlic

– Comfrey

– Mint

– Feverfew

– Burdock

– Bilberry

– Ginkgo Biloba

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So, Herbal Wish readers, this was a detailed Q & A blog about herbs.

We hope we were able to clear all of your doubts regarding the usage of herbs as medicine.

We tried to enlist all possible benefits, types, and forms of herbs. Hope it was Helpful!

Have a Healthy Life with Herbs!