Treat Cold, Fever & Phlegm – Home Remedies

Treat Cough & Cold:

Cold is one of the highest infectious diseases in the world. Often the cold is not considered as normal, but this cold can worsen and cause many diseases like pneumonia, sinusitis. Colds are also called Najala, Treat Cough & Cold, Cold names and are compared to Nasal Allergy, Allergic Rhinitis, Nasopharyngitis etc.

Causes of Cough & Cold or Flu:

– Allergic to dust, smoke, soil, pollution, changing weather etc.

– Go from cold to hot or hot to cold.

– Eat the cold things.

– Low immunity power.

– Infections of viruses and sometimes bacteria, etc. can be caused by colds.

– Due to lack of immunity power and highly sensitive to allergen, cold starts frequent and persistent.

– High blood pressure, diabetes, heart patients, children and elderly people are more susceptible to colds.

Symptoms of Cough & Cold or Flu:

– Runny nose or nasal congestion.

– Sneeze.

– Sore throat.

– body ache.

– Headache.

– Occasional fever.

– The common cold is cured within 5-7 days, but sometimes it takes 2-3 weeks.

Trest Flu, Cold

Spread of Cough & Cold or Flu:

Cold drops are spread by inhaling or inhaling small drops of the phlegm containing phlegm by sneezing, etc., and contact with the nasal secretions.

Prevention of cold and cold or flu:

– Washing hands frequently is considered the best way to avoid colds and nasal allergy.

– Wearing a mask on the nose and mouth is also a better solution.

– Avoid going to crowded places like fairs etc.

– Do not come in contact with people suffering from cold.

– To avoid spreading infection to others, use handkerchief or tissue paper while sneezing and cleaning your nose.

– Do not share utensils, bedding etc. of infected persons.

– Cleaning of old books, cupboards, carpets etc. from time to time.

– Do not walk barefoot in the morning.

– Do not go from hot to cold and cold to hot.

– To tie a handkerchief to the nose and mouth while riding a bike etc.

– Avoiding cold and cold air.

Home Remedies for Treat Cough & Cold or Flu:

– In case of cold, take sufficient fluids in the form of water, soup etc.

– Boil a small piece of ginger in water and add a pinch of salt to it and gargle, it provides instant relief in throat pain, closed nose, sore throat.

– By taking steam by pouring vix or stream in hot water, the phlegm sticking in the respiratory tract, throat and nasal comes out loose and feels relaxed.

– Getting adequate rest is beneficial in cold.

– Tea of basil, ginger, black pepper and long leaves is very beneficial in cold & cough.

– It is beneficial to take a little juice of basil and ginger and mix it with some honey when it is lukewarm.

– Putting a pinch of turmeric and dry ginger powder in a glass of hot milk provides relief in cough, cold.

– Tying 50 grams of roasted gram in a cloth and heating it on a pan at night opens the nose. It provides relief in cold.

– Applying mustard oil to the nose after a bath prevents colds.

– Use 1-2 of the above measures as needed.

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Treat Najla, Ayurvedic Cough & Cold Treatment of cold :

– Cough lick with ½ teaspoon of Sitopaladi powder 2-3 times a day gives instant relief in colds.

– Taking 1-1 tablet of Laxmi Vilas Ras 2 or 3 times a day with hot water is beneficial.

– A quarter-teaspoonful of powdered liquorice with honey 2-3 times lick gives relief in cough.

– Herbal tea is also very beneficial in cold, cough, cold.

– Drinking basil, black pepper, cloves and honey in the decoction of Giloy is very useful in cold, cold, fever.

– Sore throat, cold or cough, sore throat, lavangadivati gives instant relief.

Apart from these, there are many medicines of Ayurveda which are very useful in Sinusitis, Tonsillitis, Allergic Rhinitis, Nasopharyngitis etc. But all these have to be taken from the opinion of Ayurveda doctor.

The information given in this article is given only in terms of awareness. Be sure to consult a specialist before doing any therapy.

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