Rainy Season: How to Take Care of Your Health During Rain

This time the arrival of the rainy season is ahead of time. After the end of summer, when the rain falls on the sweltering earth, it refreshes the whole living but also invites many diseases. Everyone wishes to enjoy the full season of this pleasant season, but in this season, people often get sick quickly.
Many diseases like malaria, dengue, cold-cough, laxatives, vomiting, typhoid, skin diseases, jaundice etc. are spread during the rainy season. Just like we use umbrellas to avoid the rain, in the same way, we should use some precautionary umbrellas to avoid these diseases spreading during the rainy season. Important precautions are given below in the rainy season!

1) Always eat fresh and clean vegetables/fruits.

– Keep in mind that before eating, wash and clean the fruit/vegetable with clean water, especially the green leafy vegetable.

– Do not consume stale food, pre-chopped fruits and diced food.

– Always eat fresh hot food.

– Vegetables/fruits spoil quickly in this season, so always use fresh fruits or vegetables.

– Our digestive power is the lowest in these days. Therefore it is important not to eat too much fried, roasted food, but to eat such food that is easily digested. Only when hungry and to win hunger is it more easily digestible. Should be taken.

– Do not eat too much cold, sour. Eat more salt things like chips, crisps, chutneys, papads as there is a high chance of water retention in this season.

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2) Outside food is prohibited.

– You should avoid eating food from outside roadside or hotel.

– Eating outside food can cause severe diseases like laxatives, vomiting, typhoid etc.

– The traditional food, bhel, pani puri sold on the roadside is the main reason for food poisoning.

3) Drink plenty of clean water.

– Due to excess moisture in the air during the rainy season, the heat of the body does not come out and also comes with excessive sweating, in such a situation, it is necessary to consume plenty of water to keep evidence of sufficient water in the body.

– Always drink boiled cold or filtered clean water. Boil the water for at least 15 minutes.

– Drinking basil, cardamom tea or a little warm water is more beneficial than drinking cold drinks.

Rainy Season

4) Avoidance of rain.

Everyone likes to get wet in the rain, but too much rain can cause cold-cough and fever.

– Do not keep hair wet for long if soaked in rain.

– If you have asthma or if you get a cold, cold and cough, then do not get wet in the rain.

– Umbrella/raincoat should be used to avoid the rain.

– Replace immediately when clothes/shoes/slippers become wet. Wearing wet clothes for too long can result in fungal dermatitis.

– Diabetes patients, especially their feet, should take more care. They should be cleaned immediately when the feet are wet.

5) Caring for the elderly

Changes in the weather are more likely to cause disease. That is why it is important that their health is taken care of.

– Do not leave too much in old age. Drink hot tea, coffee or soup.

– Do not eat too much raw fruit or salad.

– Use turmeric, elaichi, fennel, cinnamon in food. This increases the strength of the disease.

6) Other precautions.

Use mosquito nets to sleep in the night.

– Do not allow dirt around your home. Fill the pits around the house so that the rainwater does not stop and rot. It will not produce mosquitoes.

– Clean the house thoroughly so that flies do not occur.

– Immediately get children vaccinated with Typhoid and Hepatitis.

– Accumulate an overdose of your regular medicines so that there is no gap in the medicine if you cannot go out due to rain.

– If you suspect any disease, go to the doctor immediately.

Prevention is better than treatment, it is important to follow this rule in the rainy season. Therefore, by keeping some of the precautions given above, we can enjoy this pleasant weather by staying safe in rainy season.

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