Increase Weight – How to Increase Your Weight?

How to Increase Weight? While on the one hand many people are suffering from obesity, on the other hand there are many people who are struggling with the problem of thinness or weight loss.

Losing weight more or less both causes many health related problems. Just as weight loss is a difficult task, in the same way, raising balanced weight in a natural way is also a complete task.

How to gain weight?

Want to gain weight immediately by buying products like instant coffee, which creates many health related issues for them in future, so whenever starting a weight gain program, pay special attention to balanced eating and living, if needed. So you can consult the doctor.

Who is underweight?

According to Ayurveda, a person who has a vein mesh on his body, pairs of fingers become fat, bones appear on the body, the muscle of the flesh is decayed. The person gets tired very quickly after working. Is lean or underweight.

According to modern medical science, the BMI (Body Mass Index) is used to find out whether the weight is low or high. According to this, weight is calculated in proportion to age and length.

BMI = Weight in kilograms / (Height in meters) 2

Find out your Body Mass Index (BMI). And see which category it is in:

– Less than 18.5 – Underweight.

– 18.5 to 25 – Normal Weight.

– 25 to 29.9 – Overweight.

– Over 30 – Obese (Excessive weight).

Reasons for being underweight:

– Dose reduction.

– Don’t eat on time.

– To fast.

– No nutritious diet.

– Heredity.

– Not taking balanced meals in proportion to manual labor.

– Weight loss occurs in diseases such as TB (Hyperthyroid, Cancer), Anemia (Anemia).

– Anorexia, Indigestion, Chronic Diarrhoea, diseases such as IBS-irritable bowel syndrome are also frequent and weight loss is sustained.

Increase Weight

How to increase your weight / How to gain or increase weight:

– Eat an adequate diet

do not miss the time of eating and drinking, apart from heavy breakfast in the morning, do lunch and dinner time. In between breakfast, lunch and dinner, take healthy snacks like fruits, juices, roasted chickpeas, dry fruits.

Take Healthy Diet:

Include ghee, butter, fruits, green vegetables, milk, yogurt, juices, jaggery, dry fruits, salads etc. in the diet. This gives the body plenty of energy. Continuous intake of these causes the body weight to increase by decreasing leanness, agility in the body, skin becomes shiny. The face starts to tint, confidence increases. The body’s immunity increases.

To increase body weight, you must include the following nutritious foods in your diet:


Milk is a very good source of fat, calcium and vitamins. Milk is the best diet for weight gain, for this, you can drink a banana and mango shake with milk. Mixing raisins and almonds with it, drinking it becomes a pleasant thing to sleep to gain weight.


Fruits like banana, mango, papaya, melon, watermelon, pomegranate, apple are considered very beneficial for weight gain, all these are a store of energy, vitamins, mineral salts and nutrients. Prepare a banana and mango shake with milk as mentioned above, eat 1-1 ripe banana after meals, apple, pomegranate and seasonal carrots, tomatoes, seasonal, orange and pomegranate juices between two meals. Are very effective for eradicating weakness.

Ghee, butter, cheese, curd, etc.

Fat also plays an important role in increasing body weight. It is very useful to consume these dairy products in appropriate amounts. These dairy products are important sources of fat, calcium and vitamins.

Dry Fruits

Almonds, raisins, figs, cashews, pistachios, peanuts are all a storehouse of good fats, carbohydrates and nutrients. Proper intake of these not only helps in increasing body weight but also fills the body with agility and quickness and increases immunity power.

Meat, fish, eggs and pulses etc.

Meat, fish, eggs are a very good source of protein. Meat is very useful for building muscle, repairing the broken cells of the body cells, but high intake of meat. Increases cholesterol, which increases the chances of diseases like heart disease, hypertension, arterial sclerosis etc. As an alternative, pulses, soybeans, beans, cheese and dairy products Using da is a great option for vegetarian people, which are a store of protein as well as other nutrients.

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Lifestyle to gain weight:

Get enough and deep sleep (Good Sleep):

Deep and proper sleep is very important for repairing old cells and building new cells in the body. Good sleep provides adequate nutrition to the body. So sleep in the night at night and sunrise Before you get up so that you can enjoy the precious sixth of nature. If you do not sleep at night, then rest for a little while in the day.

Exercise lightly (Yoga, exercise etc.):

The distribution of extra calories taken in the body is correct, the weight increases in proportion to the limb muscles, only the fat does not increase on the stomach etc., so walking in the morning, badminton, playing, cycling , Yoga, Pranayama etc. are considered good measures. It also keeps cholesterol correct and the muscles of the body are developed properly. Some people like to go to the gym for this. Follow the instructions, but never use OolJalul products in a hurry to make health immediately.

Massage (Massage):

Massage increases the blood attack in the body, due to which the blood supply to each part of the body gets better. The skin becomes soft and shiny, the muscles get nourishment which leads to good growth of the body. Ksheerbala oil, bala oil, almond oil, coconut oil, mustard oil mentioned in Ayurveda are useful for massage. Select them according to the season.

Avoid Stress (No Stress):

It is said that anxiety increases more than funeral pyre, yet it burns after death, but worry burns the body while living. So if you want to make health, then keep away from anxiety, stress, tension.

Diagnose diseases (Aware of Disease):

If you are eating nutritious food continuously, following the routine regularly, still not gaining weight but falling further, then you can suffer from some disease. Therefore, before starting any weight gain program, you must contact the doctor.

Ayurvedic Measures to Gain Weight:

Adopt Ayurveda methods (Apply Ayurvedic Methods):

The ancient mantra of Ayurveda, which is mentioned in the CharakaSamhita, the oldest and topmost text, is equally important today, it is said that nutritious food, not worry. By doing and getting enough and deep sleep everyday, a person becomes a strong, forceful and athletic body like a lion. Despite the oath today is as perfect as it was thousands of years ago.

Some of the most important Ayurvedic medicines in weight gain:

Ayurvedic Medicines – Many medicines of Ayurveda are very beneficial in weight gain – Chyawanprash, Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Mousli, Amalaki, Bala, Vihari Kanda, Shilajit, Almond Pak, Musli Pak, PunarnavaMandoor, SwarnaBhasma, Iron Bhasma, BasantKusumakarRas, SwarnaBasantMalatiRas etc. But these should be consumed only by the opinion of the doctor.

Along with the remedies mentioned above, if the medicines mentioned in Ayurveda are also taken from the opinion of the doctor, which is absolutely natural, then not only will you gain balanced weight, but you will get quickness, vigor and full strength, the power to fight against diseases of the body will increase, Chances of falling ill will decrease, self confidence will increase and you will be able to discharge a happy life while always healthy.

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