Diabetes – How to Control Diabetes? (Must Read)

Diabetes, is a serious disease also known as Silent Killer.

The number of diabetic patients is increasing rapidly across the world, especially in India. In this disease, the level of glucose in the blood increases more than normal and the blood cells are unable to use this sugar. If this increased level of glucose remains constant in the blood, then the organs of the body begin to damage the organs.

Causes of Diabetes:

Wrong eating and lifestyle habits like overeating sweet and heavy food, high sugar intake in tea, milk, cold drinks and other soft drinks, excessive physical exertion, obesity, stress, smoking, tobacco, Heredity etc. are the main causes of diabetes.

Diabetes Symptoms:

– Frequent urination

– feeling of thirst

– feeling of hunger

– fatigue without working

– not healing quickly if there is a wound in the body

– frequent skin infections.

These are all symptoms of diabetes. If some of these symptoms appear continuously, then blood sugar test must be done. This test is very common and inexpensive, which is easily done in small labs, for which sugar is suspected at any time of the day (blood. Sugar-Random) Testing can be done or if necessary, the machine can be brought at home which is not very expensive.

Diabetes disease disorders – Complications of diabetes:

If diabetes is not detected in a timely manner, or even if it is detected, there is constant negligence in eating and lifestyle and proper treatment is not done, then the level of increased sugar in the blood is higher than normal in many parts of the body such as kidneys. , Heart, Arteries, Eyes, Skin and Nervous System begin to damage and by the time the patient is ready it is too late.

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Treatment of diabetes:

Improve food intake – reduce or not to consume sugar and other sweet foods, eat flour containing flour, eat more green vegetables, eat other fruits except sweet fruits, eat more at once. Instead of taking food in small intervals, minimize the intake of ghee oil and fried roasted things like samosas, kachoris, puris, paranthas, etc., made by mixing wheat, barley and gram i.e. missi roti sugar disease M It is very beneficial.

Be physically active:

Regular exercise, regular practice of yoga pranayama, morning evening walk is very beneficial for sugar control in diabetes and obesity is under control, which is an important cause of diabetes.

Avoid stress (Anxiety Stress) –

The role of stress is very important in diabetes, try your best to avoid stress. Solve the causes of stress or tension with mutual talk, yoga, pranayama, meditation and morning to evening helps in stress control.Home Remedies for Diabetes. Some herbs of Ayurveda are very useful in diabetes, they are being used in diabetes for a very long time, modern medical science has also proved their usefulness in diabetes.

Dana Methi –

Dana fenugreek is very useful in diabetes, for this, soak one or two spoons of fenugreek in a glass of water at night, chew the fenugreek in the morning, eat it and drink fenugreek water or make fenugreek powder or vegetable Can be consumed.

bitter gourd –

Bitter gourd is also very important for diabetes, for this, take 100-125 Ml of bitter gourd juice alone or in a gooseberry juice and go hungry in the morning and evening, along with making bitter gourd vegetables or as powder.

Java Plum –

As much as tasty and beneficial in eating the fruit of the berries, it is beneficial in the problem of sugar, for this, the fruits of the berries can be eaten in the season of jamun and if the season is not there, take the powder of the berries in the morning with hungry stomach water.

Vijayasar –

Not only Ayurveda but also modern medical science considers Vijayasar very useful in diabetes, for this, water is kept in a glass made of Vijayasar wood at night and in the morning, hungry stomach is drank this water. These elements help to increase the secretion of insulin in the blood.

Diabetes destroyer powder –

For this, powder is made by taking Giloy, Gudmar, Kutki, Bilva Patra, Jamun kernels, Harad, Chiraitya, Amla, Black Cumin, Tej Patra, Behera Neem Patra and other herbs in a certain proportion which is very beneficial in diabetes Proves that. The above measures should be used as per the requirement, the sugar level in the blood does not decrease, so sugar check should be done from time to time.


If the amount of sugar in the blood is not greatly increased, then the above equipment.

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