Winter – Home Remedies to Stay Healthy in Winter

The winter season is considered to be the best season for health. At this time digestion power is good, hunger too.

Ayurvedik Winter looks good, eaten and digested well, nights are long, giving enough time to rest, just as a trader earns enough money to work hard during the trading season And then despite the low income in the remaining time of the year, he is able to live comfortably, similarly we get enough strength and doubt in the winter season through nutritious diet and exercise, yoga etc. End should have earned, so that the year-long stay healthy.

Note These Things in Winter:

Take Nutritious Substances:

Pachcagni is intense during this time, it is harmful to starve, during this time, there is strength and strength enhancers like ghee, butter, urad dal, carrot pudding, gum laddus, sesame laddus, chyawanprash, almond pak, peanuts, good crust It is better to consume in limited quantity.

Eat Dry Fruits:

Almonds, cashews, pistachios, raisins, walnuts, peanuts are all full of nutrients. It is a store of vitamins, mineral salts and anti-oxidant elements, consuming them in the winter season is very beneficial for health, as well as regular intake of milk, curd, buttermilk is very beneficial for the body, corn, millet in winter It is tasty and beneficial to eat roti with ghee, butter, good.

Eat Seasonal Fruits and Green Vegetables:

Fruits like pomegranate, amla, apple, orange, guava and vegetables like carrot, radish, spinach, sweet potato, cabbage, tomato, pea are rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber, making these fruits and vegetables very beneficial for health Occur.

Stay Healthy in Winter

Be Physically Active:

Heavy substances are consumed during the winter season and due to prolonged nights the body gets more rest, due to which there is a possibility of increasing body weight, so exercise, yoga etc. should be practiced regularly. Should get up in the morning, go for a walk in the park etc., walk fast or run, these measures remove harmful elements from the body in the form of sweat, body blood Nchar increases, pure heart grows more weight than is healthy and needs can also increase translation and bodies of inner strength.


After coming from morning excursion, if possible, then sit in the sunlight for some time and massage with mustard, almond etc., the sun rays give vitamin D which is very important for the strength and strength of bones. Health improves, the skin’s ear brightens, in winter there is a dryness in the environment due to which the skin and the lips etc. start to crack, the skin becomes dry, massaging the skin Do not do lubricity, muscles are strong, the body’s blood visit runs smoothly, the body becomes beautiful and shapely | So do a regular massage.

Do Not Be Lazy In Drinking Water:

In winter, most people are lazy to drink water or say that they feel less thirsty, due to which there is a lack of water in the body, the skin starts bursting, weakness can come, so definitely 7-8 glasses of water throughout the day. Drink it If you want in winter, you can drink water by lukewarm, to reduce obesity, in the morning, on a hungry stomach, drink a glass of lukewarm water by adding one lemon juice and one teaspoon of honey.

Married Men Can Consume Liquor:

In Ayurveda, a number of enhancers and sexual enhancers are described for married women. Which are natural as well as very useful for making sex life happy, especially in the effects of age and weakness caused by many diseases, Ayurvedic herbs like ungunded, musli, gokhru, turnip Made of medicines like Shilajit, Vidarikand, Bal, Akarakra etc., very useful in problems related to marital life like Chyawanprash, Mousli Pak, Almond Pak, Kaunch Pak etc.

Prevent Diseases In Winter:

Do not consume cold things like ice cream, cold drinks and stale food in winter, wear out in warm clothes when you get cold, especially when children, old people and women take special care, due to the decrease in temperature At this time, the blood becomes thick, so diabetes, high blood pressure and heart patients should be extra careful.

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Following Cold, Cough, Following Home Remedies Can Be Done:

– Putting half a teaspoon dry ginger powder and one fourth teaspoon turmeric powder in a glass of hot milk, drinking it immediately brings relief in throat pain, cough, cold and cold.

– It is very beneficial to gargle with salt water when cold, cold and nose are closed and to take steam by adding a medicine like Vicks or camphor stream in hot water.

– If there is a frequent cold, sneezing, nasal congestion, then the chances of sinusitis, asthma, tonsillitis increase and the infection reaches the ear screen, so that as long as English medicines are eaten, the medicines are relaxed. As soon as the problem starts again or the doctors speak for the operation, sometimes after the operation the problem starts again, in such a situation medical Medications Lakshmi Vilas juice Ed, spring

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