Haritaki Benefits – Benefits and Side Effects of Haritaki

Haritaki means Harad which is used in the manufacture of many Ayurvedic medicines. In particular, it is used to make Triphala powder. It is also known as a rejuvenating herb, given its characteristics. Green is found in India from the lower regions of the Himalayas, to East Bengal, Assam, to a height of 5000 feet. In Ayurveda, some other names like Kayastha Pranada Amrita etc. are known. Its English name is Chebulik Myrabalan and the scientific name is Terminalia Chebula. Haritaki has been given the status of mother of herbs in India. Let’s know the advantages and disadvantages of Harad.

1. Digestive power.

Harad which is also called Haritaki. It is mainly used to relieve problems related to digestive power. Drinking 1 to 3 grams of Haritaki mixed with one cup of warm water helps to correct problems related to digestive power.

2. diarrhea.

To take advantage of Haritaki in diarrhea, you need to make its sauce. Make a sauce by grinding kachnar pods of raw myrobalan and take it thrice a day, the problem of diarrhea ends. Apart from this, Harad also brings lightness in our body and rectum. Due to which diseases are cured soon.

3. In the diagnosis of sexual problems.

Harad can also be used keeping sexual problems in mind. Haritaki boosts your sexual energy. For this, you have to eat 1 to 2 grams of Harad daily for one month. But it is necessary to keep in mind that using it for a long period can also cause a decrease in sexual power. Along with this, Haritaki is also used in the treatment of premature ejaculation. Apart from this, it is also used in the diagnosis of low sperm and advanced penis problems.

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4. In the treatment of spleen disease.

Harad is also used in the treatment of spleen disease. For this, 3 to 5 grams of Harad is done once or twice a day by mixing 3 grams of jaggery with milk. With this the problem of enlargement of spleen can be found.


5. For Relief in Vomiting.

If you are vomiting. So to get rid of this problem, you can also use Haritaki, for this, honey has to be mixed with Haritaki powder. By doing this, the toxins come out and the vomiting stops.

6. In disorders related to inflammation.

Haritaki is also used in inflammatory disorders. For this, cow urine and Haritaki are used together. This gives relief in inflammation.

7. For hemorrhoids:

In the case of hemorrhoids, you should make a decoction of myrabalan chebulie and take it regularly, it provides relief. To make the decoction, you should put the myrabalan in hot water and boil for a while Its regular intake helps in reducing problems like bleeding.

– Haritaki losses.

– Pregnant women and lactating mothers should avoid its use.

– It should not be used for children below 5 years of age.

– People with low resistance also do not use it.

– Even people who fast for a long time should not use it.

– People suffering from problems of enlarged stomach and indigestion should not use it.

– People who feel dry and weak should also not use it.

– It is advisable to use Haritaki to consult a doctor.

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