Giloy Benefits / Benefits of Giloy (Ayurvedic Medicine)

What is Giloy?

Giloy is an Ayurvedic medicine. Its botanical name is TinosporaCordifolia and in Sanskrit it is known by many names like Guduchi, Amrita. It is a vine or vine that after climbing in trees, walls and pots, etc., climbs easily with the help of rope, it is often seen in parks, climbing on trees. The properties of the tree on which it forms the foundation are also included in it. For example, the nectar on the neem tree has the properties of neem.

Benefits of Giloy:


It has also been proved in many researches of modern science that it is very useful both in diseases and in medicine. According to the Researchers, it has many properties like anti inflammatory, analgesic, antipyretic and immune booster.


In case of viral fever like Chikungunya which keeps the patient suffering from joint pain for months, it is a great gift given to us by nature, in Ayurveda, Giloy was considered useful in many diseases. is.


Giloy is beneficial in all types of fever. In particular, prevention of dengue, chikungunya, swine flu, after treatment and disease is very useful in removing side effects and is also beneficial in cold, cough, cold. In addition to fever prevention, it is also used as a chemical to eliminate debility after any long duration. it is very beneficial in removing all types of chronic tides.


It works as a chemical. It cleans the blood by going into the body.


It increases our immunity.


It reduces cholesterol and helps control sugar in the blood.


Continuous use of it makes the face sharp and does not cause untimely wrinkles.


Giloy is Tridoshaghna i.e. people of any nature can take it.


Giloy is helpful in improving digestion and its use eliminates end-related problems.


Giloy is also beneficial in arthritis due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic properties.

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How to use it at home?

1. In case of fever:

Mixing a spoon of coriander and a piece of neem bark with 4-5 inch pieces of it and making a decoction is beneficial in fever or taking 4-5 inch piece of Giloy with it. Taking 2-3 basil leaves and equal amount of black pepper to make a decoction is beneficial in fever or drink only by making a decoction of it, it also gives relief in fever, you can add honey, good or sugar to taste.

2. In dengue fever:

If platelets are low, it is considered beneficial to mix aloevera juice, pomegranate juice and juice of papaya leaves with it’s juice.

3. In diabetes:

Taking Giloy juice twice a day continuously for some time is beneficial in diabetes.

4. In joint pain:

Make a decoction of Giloy and mix 10-20 ml castor oil in it and take, it provides relief in joint pain.

5. In case of blood disorders:

In pure skin diseases like scabies, itching, giving it with pure googly is beneficial.

6. Constipation:

Taking Giloy powder with jaggery ends constipation.

7. In urinary disorders:

Giloy decoction is also considered beneficial in relieving urinary problems.

8. For the skin:

Consumption of Giloy is also very beneficial for the skin, due to continual use of Giloy, it causes constipation in the body.

9. For digestion:

You can eat half a gram of Giloy powder mixed with amla or jaggery. This does not cause intestinal problems.

10. In rheumatism:

Drinking a powder made from the stem of Giloy mixed with milk is helpful in arthritis. In cases of rheumatoid arthritis, you can also take it with ginger.

Many products such as AmritadiGugul, GiloyVati, Amritarishta, GiloySatva made from Giloy of Patanjali (Patanjali) and other companies are available in the market which are used with many medicines or even alone. They can be consumed by taking the opinion of a doctor.

Friends, we hope that this information related to Giloy will prove beneficial for you and you will be able to keep yourself and your family healthy by its use.

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