Celery Benefits / Benefits of Celery for Health

1. Prevent acidity, indigestion and other stomach problems.

If you have acidity problems, then celery intake can be beneficial. It has antacid properties, which help in relieving acidity problem. For this, you should mix one teaspoon cumin and a little ginger powder in one teaspoon celery.

2. Gas and constipation.

Anyone can have gas and constipation problems. In this case, it can prove to be effective for you. It contains high amount of thymol, which increases the secretion of gastric juice. In addition, it has laxative properties, which relieve constipation and ease bowel movements.

3. beneficial for heart.

It maintains your cholesterol levels, which is beneficial for heart health. In addition, it helps in relieving chest pain. For this, you can take one teaspoon of it with lukewarm water.

4. Asthma.

Eating it with lukewarm water also provides relief in bronchitis and asthma. You can eat celery with jaggery twice a day. It has antispamodic and carminative properties, which provide relief in asthma.

5. Cold, Flu and Viral infection.

It shows effective effect if you have a cold, flu or viral infection. Celery is also beneficial in the nose that is closed due to cold. If the nose is closed, add it in hot water and smell it. You will feel relieved. Also, if you have a sore throat due to a cold, flu or viral infection, mix turmeric and celery with warm milk. This will give you rest.

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6. Mouth problems.

It also helps in relieving mouth problems. If you have a toothache, it can be relieved. Apply celery oil and clove oil on the teeth, it will also reduce pain and will not cause bad odor from the mouth.


7. Diarrhea.

Celery also helps in relieving diarrhea. For this, add celery in a glass of water and boil it. Then cool this water and drink it twice a day.

8. joint pain.

Celery is very beneficial for arthritis and joint pain. If you have joint pain, massage the affected part with it’s oil. You will feel relieved.

9. Diabetes.

Celery is also beneficial for patients with diabetes. For this, dry neem leaves in shade. Make a powder and fill it in a box. You can benefit by drinking one teaspoon of neem and half a teaspoon of celery and cumin powder in hot milk at night time for 30 consecutive days.

10. beneficial in menstruation.

If you complain of pain or irregularity in menstruation, you can consume it. For this you fill water in an earthen pot and put a handful of celery and leave it overnight. Then grind and drink it the next morning. You will benefit

11. Ear Pain.

It plays a special role in relieving ear pain. Celery has antibacterial and antiviral properties, which help in relieving this problem. If you have more problem of ear pain, then put two spoons of sesame oil in two spoons of celery and one spoon of garlic and heat it till the oil turns red. Then cool it and put a few drops in the ear. This oil can also benefit from pimples in the ear.

Note: Of course, this home remedy is beneficial in ear pain, but before using it, do ask the ear doctor once.

12. For breastfeeding.

You will be surprised to know that it is very effective in increasing breast milk. Celery cleanses your uterus and helps increase breast milk. For this, boil one spoon of fennel and half teaspoon of celery in one liter of water. Drink this water daily.

13. Lose Weight.

If you are troubled by the increasing weight, celery can benefit you. For this, take one teaspoon of celery with empty water every morning on an empty stomach. By taking it daily, you will be able to lose about four to five kilos of weight in a month.

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