Baheda Benefits / Benefits of Baheda Herb


Baheda trees are very tall, spread and tall. Its trees are 18 to 30 meters tall with a bark about 2 cm thick. Its trees are found in abundance in the hills and highlands. Its shade is beneficial for health. Its leaves are similar to Banyan leaves and trees are found in almost all the regions. Its leaves are about 10 cm to 20 cm long and 6 cm to 9 cm wide. Its fruit is egg-shaped and up to 3 cm in length, which is known as Baheda. Inside it, there is a minige, which is sweet. Most of its fruit peels are used as medicine.


Its color is brownish yellowish.


It tastes sweet.


The deaf tree grows on forests and mountains. Its leaves are similar to Banyan leaves. Its flowers are very small. Its fruits are similar to the bunches of other clusters. Baheda bark is used as a medicine.


Using excessive quantity of beige fruit has toxic effects in the body, affecting the anus. Intoxication is also caused by excessive intake of it.

Remover of impurities: Honey removes the impurities of the deaf.


Behera can be compared to Amla and Kali Harad.


The intake of Bahera should be from 3 grams to 6 grams.


Baheda is supposed to relieve constipation. It makes Meda (stomach) strong, increases appetite, removes air diseases with the help of diarrhea, also eliminates bile defects, relieves headaches, eliminates hemorrhoids, eyes and Makes the brain healthy and powerful, it eliminates phlegm and eradicates the whiteness of hair. Bahera – Destroys phlegm and bile and makes hair beautiful. It corrects hoarseness (strangulation). It destroys intoxication, blood disorders and stomach worms and is also very beneficial in tuberculosis (TB) and leprosy (leprosy, white spots).

Bahee’sMeengi: Meega of Bahera erases the thirst. It prevents vomiting, calms phlegm and removes air defects. It is light, creamy and intoxicating. The quality of the gooseberry of the gooseberry is also similar. Its antimony removes eye puffiness.

According to Ayurvedic opinion: Beheda juice is sweet, pungent, mild in quality, dry, warm in nature, sweet in vipaka, tridosanic, stimulant, metallic, nutritious, hemostatic, pain-destroyer and beneficial for eyes. It is beneficial in constipation, stomach worms, breath, cough, hemorrhoids, indigestion, throat diseases, leprosy, vocal discord, rheumatism, skin diseases, lack of work power, hair diseases, colds and burning sensation of hands and feet.

According to the scientific opinion: On analyzing the chemical composition of the bahera, it is known that 17 percent tannin, 25 percent green oil, saponin and resin are found in its fruit.


Treatment of various diseases with deafness:

1. in Burning Sensation of the Hands and Feet:

Grind the monkey (seeds) of Bahera with water and apply it on hands and feet, it provides relief in burning sensation.

2. Burning:

Finely grinding the pulp of gooseberry and applying it on the body, it removes all types of burning sensation.

3. Phlegm:

Drink a decoction of the deaf leaves and double sugar from it, it cures tuberculosis. Sucking a piece of the bark of the behera in the mouth and sucking it cures cough and mucus is easily removed. The tickling of the cough stops.

4. to Increase Work Power:

Eating one peel of an eagle daily increases the work power.

5. to Increase the Light of the Eyes:

By mixing equal quantity of the skin of the deaf and sugar candy, taking one spoon with warm water in the morning and evening, the eyesight increases in two to three weeks.

6. Constipation:

Grind half ripe fruit of Bahade. Taking one spoon of this water with a little water daily ends constipation and clears the stomach.

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7. Breath or Asthma:

– Grind equal quantity of drums and deaf leaves and fill it in chillum or hookah and drink, it provides relief in breath and asthma.

– Chop the bahade with some ghee and cook it using the Putpak method. When it is ripe, remove the euthanasia by removing the soil etc. and sucking it in the mouth, it gives relief in cough, cold, hoarseness (throat), etc. diseases very soon.

– Keeping the rind of the deaf in the mouth also cures respiratory cough.

– Take 40 grams Bahed Peel, 2 grams Fluffed Millets and 1 gram Sonagaru. Now grind the skin of Bahera very finely and sieve it, and also mix the saliva and ocher in it very finely. Taking it provides great benefit in

respiratory diseases. Dose: The above drug should be taken up to 2-3 grams with honey twice a day. Asthma disease is cured by this.

– Grind pulp of 250 grams Baheda fruit and sieve it, and then grind it with 10 grams of puffed salmon and 5 grams of real sonagaru and mix it. Now licking 3 grams of this prepared material with honey in the morning and evening every day provides benefit in breathing and it also ends asthma gradually.

– Make a powder of goat’s peel and cook it in goat’s milk and honey when cold

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