Amla Benefits / Benefits of Amla for Health

1. Gooseberry for A Sore Throat.

With the changing season, diseases continue, sometimes fever and sometimes cold and cough. If you are also troubled by a sore throat, Amla can prove to be an effective home remedy. You can consume Amla juice by making a decoction. Like amla, amla juice also has its benefits. Amla has anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory properties, which may be helpful in fever or sore throat. Of course, no specific evidence has been revealed yet, but many people use amla at the time of sore throat.


– A cup of gooseberry juice.

– Finely chopped ginger.

– A spoonful of honey.


Mix finely chopped ginger and one spoon of honey in amla juice.Then drink it like syrup.

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2. Gooseberry for Heart.

Due to today’s unbalanced lifestyle, people have started gaining weight, which is causing high cholesterol and heart diseases. In this case, if you take amla, the risk of harmful cholesterol and heart diseases in the body is reduced. At the same time, it increases good cholesterol. Its intake also reduces the risk of heart diseases like at.

3.Amla for Diabetes.

There was a time when diabetes used to happen after an age, but now it is not so. Diabetes can happen to anyone due to the unbalanced lifestyle nowadays. It is important that you pay attention to this while on time. If someone has diabetes, they can consume Amla. Amla has anti-diabetic properties, which reduces the risk of diabetes. In addition, diabetic patients consume amla, their blood glucose levels may decrease. It may also lower cholesterol levels in patients with diabetes. However, no concrete evidence has been revealed so far, but scientific research is going on this subject.


– Two teaspoon gooseberry juice

– A pinch of turmeric


– Make a mixture by mixing amla and turmeric.

– Then take this mixture in the morning.

– This can balance your blood sugar level.

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4. Prevents The Effect of Increasing Age.

Amla has anti-oxidant properties which can prevent cells from getting damaged to some extent. It can reduce the effect of increasing age by controlling the effect of free radicals. If amla and turmeric are consumed together, the effect of aging is reduced, as both of them have many medicinal properties.


5. Frequent Urination Activity Increases.

Due to not taking the right diet or not having the right lifestyle, toxins start accumulating in the body, which need to be released. For this your body needs to detoxify. It has diuretic properties, so consuming it may make you feel the need to urinate frequently. With this, your body detoxifies and the toxins of your body are released through urine.

6. Amla for Digestion.

Due to busy life, people do not pay attention to their food and drink, due to which the digestive system gets spoiled. Sometimes, serious stomach diseases also occur. In such a situation, some people become medicines etc., which may have side effects. it is the only remedy for all these problems. It has fiber and has anti-inflammatory properties, which may prove beneficial for digestion. It can reduce ulcers, gastric and digestive problems.

7. Amla Increases Immunity.

Some people have weak immunity, so with the changing season they get cold, cough and fever. In such a situation, if it is consumed, the immunity of the disease improves to a great extent. Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and many other properties present in it can increase the body’s immunity. Vitamin C present in it can help the body to fight against diseases.

8. Gooseberry Strengthens Bones.

Our bones begin to weaken with increasing age. In such a situation, it is important to pay attention to this in time, or else a serious problem like arthritis can occur later. Many times, due to lack of essential nutrients, problems related to bones start. In such a situation, home remedies should be tried before medicines are made and Amla is the easiest home remedy. Amla has anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, it also contains vitamin-C, which can relieve the discomfort of your bones. Try to include Amla juice or a little Gooseberry in your diet every day. This will strengthen the bones and may reduce the risk of bone disease.

9. Eye Light Increases with Amla

We spend more time in front of computer, TV and mobile, the result is that our eyesight starts getting weaker. Apart from this, at times, due to dust and soil pollution, eye infections, watering, irritation problems and many other problems start, which need treatment while on time. In such a situation, if amla is included in its diet every day, then not only the eyesight.