Skin Diseases – Ayurvedic and Home Remedies

There are many types of skin diseases. Such as ringworm, itching, wheezing, blisters, measles, boils, pimples etc. In many cases we can cure the disease with Ayurvedic and home remedies, but in many cases it is advisable to consult a good dermatologist. Many people in Skin disease also benefit greatly from homeopathy medicines. Today in this article we will talk about Ayurvedic methods of curing skin diseases.

Ayurvedic treatment for skin diseases / home remedies for skin diseases.

Cause of skin disease:


There are several reasons why skin disease can occur:


People who spend most of the time in the sun are at higher risk of developing skin diseases.


Eating any antibiotic can cause skin disease even when there are side effects.


Women are more likely to develop skin diseases even if they have problems with menstrual cycle irregularity.


Excess gas deposits in the body can cause dryness.


There is a risk of skin disorders even when wearing over-tight clothes and wearing nylon clothes.


Excess of soda in bath soap can also cause this disease.


The disease of itching mostly arises due to blood breakdown in the body.


Pimples and boils can come out when eating hot and hot things.


Exercise immediately after taking diet is also likely to cause skin disease.


Vomiting, sneezing, belching, Fart, syphilis, and pallace are the risk of skin disease by stopping all these impulses.


Prolonged dusty soil and perspiration can also cause skin disease.


And after eating, eating food of opposite nature causes leprosy. (Example – drinking mango juice and buttermilk).

Symptoms of skin disease:

The skin becomes very dry when there is shingles, and when it is scratched, small grains come out. Generally, there is a request for burning, itching and pain in any type of skin disease. White or brown stains appear on the skin when the heat is gathered in the body, or boils and pimples come out, and if it is not treated in time, it also causes pus.

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Dieting in food when skin disease occurs / Food Sobriety in Skin Disease:


Do not consume bidi, cigarette, alcohol, beer, khaini, tea, coffee, cannabis, cannabis or any other narcotic in case of skin disease.


Do not eat millet and jowar bread at all. Take special care of the purity of the body.


In case of skin disease, sleeping on time, getting up on time, bathing daily, and staying away from direct exposure to sunlight is very important.


Pickles, lemons, salt, peppers, tomatoes, oats, etc. should be completely stopped in the food. (In skin disease, by eating any sour thing, the disease spreads rapidly throughout the body.).


If there is difficulty in digesting food, or if there is gas in the stomach, then it should be treated immediately. And when this problem is cured, then light food should be eaten for a few days.


A person with poor digestion has more chances of developing skin diseases.


A person suffering from any type of skin disease should drink a glass of warm lukewarm milk mixed with a teaspoon of turmeric before going to bed every night.

Ayurvedic Remedies

Home Remedies & Ayurvedic Treatment for Skin Disease:


Heating neem leaves with water at the time of bathing, then mixing that water with bath water, bathing helps in getting rid of skin diseases.


Skin diseases are also cured by eating neem leaves (new green leaves) on an empty stomach in the morning.


To cure wounds of the skin, remove the juice of neem leaves and apply it on the wound and tie a bandage over it. (The bandage should be changed from time to time).


Applying juice of radish leaves on the skin provides relief in any type of skin disease.


By eating sesame and radish every day, the water stored inside the skin dries up, and swelling ends.


The odor element of radish provides relief from skin diseases.


Radish contains chlorine and sodium elements, both these elements do not allow stool to settle in the stomach and due to this there is no gas or indigestion.


Radish also contains a quantity of magnesium, this element is helpful in regulating digestion. When the stomach is clean, there will be no chance of skin diseases.


Eating radish everyday cures facial spots, spots, freckles, and pimples.


Applying apple juice in skin disease provides relief. Skin diseases are cured by eating one or two apples per day. To remove the oily skin, grind an apple thoroughly and apply it on the entire face, and after ten minutes, wash the face with light hot water, the problem of “oily skin” is relieved.


Applying fresh morning cow urine on the skin provides relief in itching and itching problems.


Wherever there are boils and pimples, applying garlic juice provides instant relief.


Grind garlic and sunflower together and make a bundle and tie it on the lump of throat (on mumps of mumps).


Put some garlic buds in mustard oil and heat it, (slightly warm) if applied on the skin, itching and itching.The warts go away.


If there are complaints of dry skin, mix turmeric in mustard oil and massage it gently on the skin, it removes dryness of the skin.


Grind turmeric and mix it in oil of sesame oil and massage it on the body, it ends skin diseases.


To remove black spots and spots of the face, by grinding lumps of turmeric in pure water, applying its paste on the face, the spots are removed.


The blood of the body is purified by drinking juice of bitter gourd fruit. Skin diseases are cured by drinking a fourth part of a gram on empty stomach in the morning during the day without eating anything.


Bitter gourd juice should be applied on the skin to cure diseases like ringworm, itching and itching.


Apply a little bit of carrot juice on the face and neck with the help of cotton, and after drying it, washing the face with cold water makes the skin clear and shiny.


Drinking one cup of carrot juice in the morning every day cures all skin diseases. Many people have problems of drying the skin in winter, there is a lot of vitamin A in the carrots, so eating carrots daily removes the dryness of the skin.


Drinking two teaspoons of honey mixed with spinach and carrot juice in equal quantity, eliminates all types of skin diseases.


Carrot juice is an infection-eliminator and germicide, carrot also cleanses the blood, so a person eating carrot daily does not have boils, pimples and other skin diseases.


If a little honey is added to the black soil and applied on the boils and pimple, then there is immediate relief.


Applying real (unblemished) honey on the pimple immediately provides relief.


Boiling, pimples and mild stains are cured by drinking water mixed with honey.


Take rock salt, milk, myrabalan checkered and forest basil in equal quantity and grind it with kanji. Applying this prepared powder on ring, itchy and itchy areas provides relief immediately.


By crushing the myrobalan and chakrabad with kanji, applying the prepared paste on the ringworm immediately eats the ringworm.


The powder of peepal bark is applied, but the abscess of the pus is cured. Eczema disease is cured by eating four to five peepal coals regularly in the morning. (This experiment should be done continuously for seven days).


Make a powder by grinding neem bark, drumstick bark, old khal, peepal, myrobalan and mustard in equal quantity. And then after mixing this powder in cow urine and applying it on the skin, all types of complex skin diseases are removed.


Take twenty-twenty grams of castor, dry ginger, rasna, balachad, cedar, and bijoure grind all of them together. After that, prepare a paste by mixing them in water and then apply it on the skin. All types of skin diseases disappear by this use.


Eating cucumber provides relief in skin diseases. Applying cucumber juice on the skin removes dirt from the skin, and makes the face glow. Drinking cucumber juice also benefits the body.


After frying the onion in a fire and tying it on the boils and pimples and knots, she immediately goes on foot. If there is pus in them, it also comes out. All types of burning, swelling and pain are cured by this use. The wound of infection is also cured by this use. Eating onion raw or firm improves skin.


A person eating onions every day never feels heat stroke.


Mixing equal quantity of mint and turmeric juice and applying it on the itchy scabies gives relief immediately.


Make a paste of ground mint and apply it on the face and then after a while the face is washed with cold water, the hotness of the face goes away, and the skin becomes shiny.


Boil the parsley in water and wash the wound, it provides relief.


Immediately after adding mixed parsley in warm water, applying its paste on ringworm, itching, itching, and pimples.


Washing or compressing the skin with warm salt water removes cracks of hands, feet and joints and provides immediate relief in pain.


Taking a bath with salt in hot water provides protection against skin diseases occurring during the winter season. And if diseases have happened, then by using this disease, diseases are eliminated.

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