Constipation – Ayurvedic and Home Remedies to Relieve

Constipation, friends, almost everyone in their life sometimes suffers from constipation. In most cases, this problem is resolved within a few days, but many people remain troubled by it for years.

Today, we are telling you some very simple ways to overcome the problem of it, by adopting which you can get rid of this problem forever. Let us know about it in details.

What is constipation?

Constipation is a condition in which the stomach of a person is not cleaned properly and there is also difficulty in bowel movement. A person suffering from it defecates less often than ordinary people. While people usually defecate at least once a day, it’s patient is not able to abandon the mall for 3 or more days. For this reason, his stomach remains heavy and becomes uninterested in food. Some people also vomit and there is pain in the head.

What are the symptoms of constipation?

– Improved bowel movements or flatulence.

– Having bowel movements.

– Stool (stool / stool) is very hard and small.

– Repeated feeling that a little more bowel movement should be done.

– Bloating or pain in stomach.

– Vomit.

Cause of constipation:

– Irregularity in eating.

– Stale food.

– Over rest / low physical exertion.

– Mental stress / tension.

– Greasy food.

– Intestinal atony.

– Drink less water.

– Smoking / caffeine consumption.

– Eat more water while eating.

– High temperament.

– Eating hot and spicy foods.

Ayurvedic and Home Remedies For constipation


Mixing two teaspoons of Triphala powder in lukewarm water and taking it at bedtime regularly at night provides relief.


It is cured by taking equal quantity of powdered myrabalan, behera, and gooseberry prepared with a little warm milk or water every night before bedtime.


Dry grapes are an effective remedy for relief. Boiling eight to ten dry grapes in hot milk and taking them regularly gives relief to the stomach. And the excreta is easily discarded.


Papaya is very beneficial in healing the stomach.


Eating apples and grapes also clears the stomach. Apple juice is very useful. Drinking apple juice causes the stench and condensation of the destroyer layer on the inner surface of the intestines. And regular consumption of apple provides protection against many other diseases.


Amla powder erases it from the root. Amla powder is very beneficial before sleeping at night.


Amla can be ingested in many ways. You can drink its juice. Amla can be dried and made into powder. And Amla chutney can also be made and eaten.


Drinking milk after eating gooseberry marmalade relieves constipation.


Constipation also ends by eating tomatoes. Eating raw tomatoes in a salad along with food is beneficial.


Tomato soup can also be drunk. Tomato is the perfect way to clean stubborn old stools.


A mixture of brinjalsabzi, cholaisabzi, spinach sabji, mango, gram, milk and honey makes the bowel movement easier.


It is better to drink mango juice and light warm milk should be drunk on it.



Putting a pinch of salt in a copper vessel and keeping it covered overnight, drinking that water in the morning helps in relief.


Intake is also evident by drinking a pinch of salt in warm lukewarm water and drinking it before bedtime. And unclean accumulated stool is easily removed during defecation.


One teaspoon castor oil applied salt on the tongue, drinking / swallowing at night makes stool clean.


Good mixed powder of Giloy relieves constipation.

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The possibility reduced by using garlic while cooking the vegetable. Garlic is a digestive power and an enemy of gas. Therefore, garlic should be consumed regularly.


Cauliflower, carrots, spinach, ghee, and large cardamom also gives relief.


Drinking extract of carrot juice is beneficial in constipation.


Drinking a mixture of Kakjangha and Ghee regularly eliminates stomach diseases.


Ripe red melon and watermelon helps to cleanse the stomach.


The vegetable of Bathua is said to be a power enhancer and a constipation agent.


Lentil pulse gives relief in constipation.


Eating loose hot khichdi of moong and rice also clears the stomach.


it’s also eliminated by drinking decoction of pipal leaves. Constipation is also relieved by eating red peppercorn fruit.


The same intake in constipation is also beneficial.


Constipation is also eliminated by drinking cow’s milk.


Constipation is also eliminated by mixing three to five grains of black pepper in milk and swallowing it whole.


Constipation is also eliminated by adding Gulkand to milk, or by drinking dry grapes to milk.


Neem is bitter and infectious. Neem flowers should be dried and ground into powder and taken with water at bedtime.


Mixing sedative salt and cumin in the bitter gourd juice also gives relief in constipation.


Eating raw turnips also clears the stomach.


Coriander helps to break constipation. Coriander sauce is also beneficial.


A mixture of equal quantity of Triphala, Ajwain and Sedhanmak is used at night with a spoonful of warm water.Constipation is relieved by taking oz.


Ginger, cloves and dry ginger are the Ram Baan cure for constipation. Drinking ginger juice mixed with honey is beneficial.


Mix equal quantity of dry ginger and black salt and prepare the mixture and take one spoon in the morning and one tablespoon with water before going to bed, it ends constipation.


Grind the equal quantity of clove parsley, black pepper, Lahori salt and sugar candy and squeeze lemon in it and keep it for drying. Taking this mixture with warm water relieves stomach discomfort.


Constipation is eliminated by drinking milk and gulkand.


Mixed juice of lemon ginger and honey cleanses the intestines. And relieves constipation.


Eating guava does not cause constipation. And drinking guava after eating guava eliminates chronic constipation in a pinch.


Mixing equal quantity of dry ginger, cinnamon oil, elaichi and cumin and drinking it is beneficial in constipation.


Constipation is also cured by drinking cinnamon oil and sugar. This powder gives relief from indigestion.


Basil leaves, pomegranate, lychee, cashew, peas, cucumber, almonds, dates, ripe banana with curd, asafoetida, wheatgrass juice, orange, fenugreek, cow urine, saffron, figs, milk and figs, radish juice, Taking green leaves of radish, powder of radish seeds and raw onion, etc., according to digestive power, relieves constipation.

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