Home Remedies and Ayurvedic to Get Rid of Mouth Ulcers

Have You Ever Happened to Be Invited to Go to A Party

Where There Is a Variety of Food Items…? But at The Same Time the Fucking Mouth Ulcers Have Disturbed You? Lets talk about some Home Remedies and Ayurvedic to Get Rid of Mouth Ulcers

This has happened to me many times!

But there is no need to panic as there are many Ayurvedic and home remedies with the help of which we can get rid of mouth ulcers. So let us know in detail what are the reasons of being Mouth Ulcers and how can we get rid of them.

Causes of Mouth Sores and Stomach Heat / Reasons for Mouth Ulcers:


This kind of discomfort usually comes from eating hot and spicy food.


Many times, due to lack of proper clean stomach, heat and gas accumulates in the stomach causing ulcers.


Mouth blisters can also occur due to fever. And the throat becomes red due to infection.


Even without proper cleaning of teeth and gums, bacteria can encamp in the mouth.


Malfunction of the digestive system and constipation can also cause blisters in the mouth, and painful pimples appear on the chin, in which the pain due to inflammation remains.


This problem occurs even when there is a deficiency of vitamin B in the body.


Lack of iron in the body can also be a major reason for heat in the mouth.


Higher mental stress can also cause this discomfort.


Blisters can also occur in the mouth due to wounds caused by removing food stuck in the teeth or cleaning the teeth with a hard brush.

Ayurvedic (Home Remedies) treatment to relieve mouth ulcers and stomach heat / Muh ke chhalo ka gharelu upchar

We have large variety of home remedies which can help you cure your mouth ulcer. Let’s discuss some Ayurvedic home remedies which you can use at home. Home Remedies are writen Below:

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Grind the arhar dal very finely and apply it on the mouth ulcers, then the pain will be relieved immediately and the mouth blisters will be cured in a few days. This process should be done two to three times a day.


Make a solution by mixing one teaspoon of pure salt in lukewarm water. And then spin it in the mouth little by little, and then spill it out. Do this process two to three times a day.


Toothache of neem also provides relief in mouth ulcers. The juice of neem leaves can also be applied on the mouth ulcers. (Use bitter neem)


Make a decoction of plum leaves and rinse it, the heat of the mouth is removed.


Applying honey in mouth ulcers will also cool the mouth and remove blisters.


Prepare a decoction of the root of apamarg mixed with rock salt and rinse it with the decoction, mouth blisters disappear.


Applying the juice of neem addresses on the mouth ulcers will also provide relief.


The paste / juice of Alovera applied on the mouth ulcers reduces pain and cools the mouth.


Applying small pieces of ice to the mouth ulcers and dripping saliva removes the heat of the mouth.


Make a paste by adding anjuli of water to the baking soda, and apply it to the blisters. Mouth blisters are also cured by this process.


Grind green coriander and extract its juice and apply it on mouth ulcers, it provides relief in pain.


Grind cardamom and mix honey in it, prepare the mixture and apply it on the blisters, it provides relief to the mouth.


Mix one spoon of turmeric powder in a glass of lukewarm water and prepare the solution and gargle with it to cure mouth blisters.


Applying desi ghee on mouth ulcers while sleeping at night provides relief in it till morning.


Good water / good sorbet is also an effective treatment for inflammation of the throat and mouth ulcers. And by its use, stomach heat is also removed.


Grind jasmine leaves and extract its juice and apply it on the mouth ulcers, mouth blisters disappear.


Grind fresh soft leaves of guava and apply its juice on mouth ulcers, it also cures mouth blisters.


Drinking water from Nariel also dissipates stomach heat. And mouth sores are removed. Applying coconut milk on mouth ulcers provides relief to the mouth.


Can also be applied to the blisters by mixing milk and honey of Nariel.


Applying juice of basil leaves on the mouth ulcers provides relief to the mouth.


Orange juice is rich in Vitamin C. If there is a deficiency of vitamin “C” in the body, there may be blisters in the mouth. Drink orange juice / juice.


Patch contains sulfur. And sulfur discharges the bacteria. Therefore, it is good to eat onion to remove mouth blisters.

Home Remedies


Eating Gulkand provides coolness to the mouth, and mouth blisters disappear.


Mixing the powder of liquor ice in honey and applying it on mouth ulcers cures mouth blisters.


The catechu used in betel is also an effective way to remove mouth ulcers. Catechu should be applied on mouth ulcers thrice a day. Mouth blisters disappear in three days by this process.


Mixing lemon juice in lukewarm water and rinse / gargle with it will erase mouth blisters, and drinking lemon water daily will remove stomach heat.


Prepare a mixture of Arjun’s root powder and sweet oil and gargle with it, mouth diseases are destroyed.


Putting plum in mouth also provides relief in mouth ulcers.


Eating curd and buttermilk along with food also removes the stomach heat, due to which the heat of the mouth goes away.


Mouth blisters disappear by chewing black pepper and raisins.


Prepare the solution by mixing raw alum in water and rinse with it. Raw alum and honey mixed with its paste Applying it on the mouth ulcers also gives relief to the mouth.


Three parts roasted icing and one part camphor powder mixed with a little honey and applied in the mouth also removes mouth blisters.


By keeping the behind in the mouth and sucking its juice, the heat of the mouth ends.


Mixed churan should be sieved with a cloth after mixing in a quantity of salmon, alum, and catechu salmon, and applying this churan on the ulcer every day provides relief in the mouth.


Putting mustard oil in the mouth and rinse away all the troubles of the mouth. Mustard oil also destroys insects on teeth.


Finely grind the bark of acacia, boil it in water and prepare the solution and make it coolant, it also erases mouth blisters and grains that have recovered on the chives.


The heat of the mouth is dissolved by making a decoction of neem, jambun, malati, parwal and mango leaves with water. And mouth blisters also go away.


Mouth blisters are also erased by mixing Indra barley, cottage cheese, and black cumin.


Make a decoction by mixing Giloy, Dhamas, Javitri, Harada, Ambala, Bahada and Vineyards and then let the decoction cool slightly. Then mix some honey in it and drink it to remove mouth blisters.


Chewing the peel of Bijora fruit with mouth and chewing it removes the frozen bakeria. And the smell of the mouth fades.


Mixing two teaspoons of ginger juice in a glass of hot water and gargling with that water can cause mouth blisters to disappear.


Applying linseed oil on the mouth ulcers cures mouth blisters.


Mixing eight to ten dry grapes and a little jambun leaves and making a decoction of it makes all kinds of diseases of the mouth disappear.


Make a decoction of Haritaki and gargle with it, it reduces sore throat and mouth ulcers.


Burning polog seeds and taking their smoke in the mouth provides relief in diseases of the mouth.


By adding a little ghee and one teaspoon of sugar to rice, eating it also reduces stomach heat. And mouth sores disappear.

Avoiding mouth ulcers and stomach heat / Things to Avoid while suffering from Mouth Ulcers


If smoking and eating gutkha, stop eating immediately.


Reduce the spice and spicy food.


Stop eating cold and hot things.


Drink plenty of water.


One can also eat vitamin B complex pill. (With doctor’s advice)


Always use brushes with soft threads. (So that the gums do not peel.)


Brush at least twice a day. (After getting up in the morning and before bedtime.


If there is deodorant in the mouth and swelling in the gums, treat it immediately.


If there is tension, there can be blisters in the mouth. Take measures to reduce stress. (Five ways to get out of tension)


Sit low in front of the computer. And go low in hot environment (sunshine).


In conclusion, I would like to say that you can cure your mouth blisters by adopting these tips. But before adopting any advice, it is better to seek the advice of a doctor or Ayurvedic expert.

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