Ayurveda Special: You Have Amrit (Must Read)

Lets have an introduction with our Ayurveda Special, Commonly planted trees can amazingly cure many of our complex diseases. If we know their usefulness, we can eliminate many diseases with their help.

Many plants grow near our house, on the roadside, in the garden, or on some idle ground. These trees and plants can amazingly cure many of our complex diseases. If we know their usefulness and their importance then we can save them and eliminate many diseases with their help.

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The peepal tree is of special importance to our countrymen. It is paramount in all trees in Hinduism. It also has great importance in Ayurveda. Its main uses are:

Making a decoction of its leaves or tea and drinking it daily is very beneficial in heart diseases. Heart weakness is removed, calcium plaques are removed, so the valves are also cured. It also has great benefits in swelling of the body, swelling of the feet, varicose van.

Boiling its bark in water and making a decoction is very beneficial in arthritis because it improves the functioning of the kidneys and removes the deadly elements like uric acid from the body.

The decoction prepared from its bark is also beneficial in kidney diseases. This decoction also proves very beneficial in skin diseases.

2. Papaya.

Papaya leaves are in great demand today. Every company is selling its juice out of leaves because it increases the number of platelets very fast, so it is very useful in deadly dengue. Drinking the juice of its leaves to the patient of dengue is very beneficial.

– Eating papaya fruit ends digestive problems. It helps a lot in constipation.

– The dried seeds of papaya remove the toxin from the intestines and it is very useful in appendicitis.

– Latex or juice extracted from raw fruits is beneficial in tumors and cancer.

3. Extracts (Ayurveda Special).

The extract or akva is a very useful medicine. In Ayurveda it is called herbal of herbs.

– Its root bark is extremely beneficial in tumors, cysts, abscesses and all wounds. It is only taken with a pinch of honey.

– By heating its leaves and tying them on the heel, the pain of the joints is cured. Applying milk coming out of its leaves on prickly thorns or any other object like glass etc., it comes out automatically.

– Taking out the petals of its flower and keeping the remaining part in the pan, sucking it gives great relief in jaundice and other liver diseases.

4. Pomegranates.

Pomegranate is delicious fruit. It is advisable to eat it especially for anemia patients.

– The bark of its fruit provides benefits in bloody piles or other bleeding diseases.

– Applying the juice of its leaves in the palm and soles is very beneficial.

– Decoction of its leaves is very beneficial in typhoid and dengue.

Ayurveda Special

5 .Rehab (Ayurveda Special).

The name of this herb itself tells its importance that it makes the body new again. It makes powder or decoction.

– This is a unique medicine for kidney diseases.

– It is helpful in removing the stone.

– Yekta / is very effective in all liver / liver diseases.

– It is also very effective in anemia.

6. Kachnars.

It is often planted in gardens. This very beautiful plant is very useful. Its leaves get a lot of size from the thyroid, so it is a very useful medicine in the problem of thyroid and it is added to all the medicines made for the thyroid. Its leaves and bark are particularly useful in which powder or decoction is used. Powder of its bark and leaves is also beneficial in various types of tumors.

7. Fried Gooseberry.

Its fruits are shaped like amla and it is a small plant, hence it is called BhuiAmla. It is found in gardens or on the roadside in a humid place.

– This is the nectar for Yajit. This plant can be cleaned and eaten just like this.

– Shortly after eating this person starts feeling hungry, so it is very beneficial in the problem of loss of appetite.

– Gooseberry is very beneficial in infection of infection.

– It is a unique medicine in viral infections.

– It is very helpful in increasing immunity.

8. Bells.

Bilva or Bel is the beloved fruit of Shiva and is also used in Hindu religious worship. Prophet Muhammad, calling it the seat of Jannat, has added to its usefulness.

– The powder of its leaves in piles is nectar.

– Sorb of its ripe fruit is beneficial medicine for digestive system.

– Its fruit jam is very beneficial for the stomach.

9. Datura.

Dhatura is the nectar we consider to be poison or we are scared.

– It is very dear to the adorable Shivji of Hinduism.

– Boil its leaves in water and wash your head with that water does not cause lice.

– Sixing the pain and swelling in this watery area provides relief.

– Take this whole plant and cook it in mustard oil and massage the joints with that oil to reduce joint pain.

10. Hallways.

This is my favorite medicine. I love this because it is a wonderful gift of God to humanity. It has many medical uses.

– When a scorpion is bitten, apply the juice of its leaves on the stinging spot and rubbing its root provides relief within a few seconds.

– In thyroid problem, the powder of its leaves provides great benefits.

– The coating of its leaves in Salulitis (inflammation) is amazing.

– In Asthma, taking its root powder on an empty stomach in the morning gives excellent results.

– Wheat powder or decoction stones

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