Asparagus Benefits / Benefits of Asparagus Powder

Benefits of Asparagus Powder :

India has a centuries-old association with Ayurveda and has a solution to every problem. In this, neither do you have to take more medicines nor do you have to get injected. There is a great medicine in the box of Ayurveda called Asparagus. This is a plant whose roots are called nectar in Ayurveda. It is very useful for men but for women it is less than a boon. Its taste is bitter but there is solution to many diseases inside it. It is also called as magical medicine and it specializes in making your body disease free. It can be sought from many names such as asparagus, satavari, satavar, satmuli, shatmuli, sarnai etc. shatavari churna ke fayde.

This Drug Is A Vitamin Mine:

You can also call this medicine called Amrit, a mine of vitamins. It contains many such vitamins which are found in very few things. Along with this, Vitamin B-1, Vitamin-E are also present in large amounts. Along with this, asparagus powder of folic acid is considered a very good source. Its use does not cause inflammation anywhere in the body and antioxidants are found in it. By eating this, the problem of urin also goes away and the food pipe also works better.

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How To Consume Asparagus:

Asparagus Recipe:

1. Baked Asparagus


– Take 450 grams of washed and chopped asparagus.

– Take olive oil in a spoon.

– Add salt and pepper according to taste.

Method of preparation:

– Heat the pan well first.

– Apply olive oil over the shatavari and then sprinkle salt and pepper.

– Leave it on the pan till it cooks

2. Asparagus and Garlic Vegetables


– 3 teaspoon coconut oil

– A bunch of ivory

– 5 well chopped garlic

Method of preparation:

– Heat the coconut oil first on medium heat

– Pour the garlic and asparagus into the oil, let it cook for 10 minutes and keep stirring simultaneously. Do not remove it until completely cooked.

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It is beneficial in such diseases:

Helps to win over cancer:

In today’s time, people struggling with cancer will be found near you, but the people who overcome it are few. If someone has cancer on his own, you can also advise him to take it. It contains glutathione which excretes the dirt of your body. This improves our health and allows us to live longer with a healthy life. The glutathione present in it keeps it healthy as well as protects it from bone cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer and colon cancer. It is also mastered to overcome stress.

Very beneficial in blood pressure:

Currently, about 1.3 billion people in the world are struggling with the problem of high blood pressure. With this, you have to face many problems along with heart disease. Asparagus is a great source of potassium and it helps in controlling your blood pressure. It has also been tested but this test was done on mice. It is also very beneficial for humans. It makes your body resistant and can remain healthy for more years.

Asparagus also helps you in this:

– Asparagus is very beneficial in increasing sex power

– Fertility related problems are also liberated

– Asparagus gives great advantage in pregnancy

– Asparagus also helps in weight loss

– Asparagus gives Ayurvedic treatment to sugar

– Also specializes in removing skin and migraine.

– The problem of sleeplessness is also overcome.

– Fever is away from it and also beneficial in cough

Excess intake also has some disadvantages:

Asparagus is consumed in the form of powder, capsules and ceramics. If you are taking it as a powder then drink milk. Some other precautions should also be taken at the time of its intake. Pregnant ladies, high BP and kidney patients should be consumed only by asking the doctor. It contains diuretics which can be harmful with medication.

This can also cause problems in these tasks:


Asparagus contains carbohydrate and it has to withstand gas many times in digestion.

Pregnancy and breast feeding:

Asparagus balances the hormones and too much consumption can harm you.


Many people are allergic to onions and asparagus can be of great use to them.

Stone in kidney:

Those who complain of stone in the kidney also should not consume it.