Allergies: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment.

Allergy or hypersensitivity is a big problem of increasing health in today’s life. Sometimes allergies also become a cause of serious trouble. When our body shows extreme sensitivity to a substance, it is called allergy and the substance of which Each reaction is shown as an allergen.

Allergies can be caused by any substance, due to change in weather or heredity. The causes of allergy include dust, smoke, soil pollen, exposure to pets or other animals, grooming, insect bites etc., food.

Allergies can be caused by substances and with the use of some English medicines, generally, the allergy is related to the nose, eyes, respiratory system, skin and food, but sometimes in the whole body, One might as well which can be a serious one.

Allergy symptoms by location

Nasal allergy

itching, sneezing, runny nose, nasal congestion or frequent colds etc.

Eye allergy

redness, watery, burning sensation, itching etc.

Respiratory Institute Allergies

It can cause serious problems like cough, difficulty in breathing and asthma.

Skin allergy

Skins allergy is very common and the rainy season is very favourable for skin allergies. Skin-allergies include itchy skin, rash, eczema, urticaria, etc.

Allergies to food and drink

Many people are allergic to food, such as milk, eggs, fish, chocolate, etc.

Whole-body allergies

Sometimes in some people, serious conditions arise due to allergies and severe symptoms occur all over the body simultaneously, in such a situation, one should be brought to the hospital immediately.

Allergies to English medicines

Many English medicines also cause allergic reactions such as injection of penicillin which is a very dangerous reaction and can be cured on the spot besides pain pills, sulfa drugs and some antibiotics Can cause symptoms.

Cutting of honey bee wasp etc

Some of these people have only skin inflammation and pain, while some people have to go to emergency.

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Allergy prevention:

Avoidance of allergies is the best treatment for allergies, so these measures should be followed to avoid allergies. If you are allergic, first find out what you are allergic to.

– Do not let the mess around the house.

– Pave the way for more open and fresh air in the house.

– Do not eat the foods you are allergic to.

– Do not go from very hot to cold and cold to a hot environment.

– While riding the bike, tie a handkerchief on the mouth and nose, put a good quality sunglasses on the eyes.

– Mattresses, quilts, pillow covers and sheets etc. were periodically washed with hot water. Keep on displaying quilts, mattresses, blankets, etc. periodically.

– Do not keep pets at home if you are allergic to them.

– Zines are allergic to pollen particles of plants. Stay away from them.

– Do not let the spider webs in the house be cleaned from time to time.

– Avoid dust, if you have to work in a dusty environment, then work on wearing a face mask.

Ayurvedic Remedies for Allergies

– Nasal allergy People who have frequent nose allergies, they should take 1 teaspoon honey mixed with 1 teaspoon Giloy and 2 teaspoons Amla juice in the morning on a hungry stomach for some time.

– Eating Chyawanprash prepared or from a good company also helps to avoid nasal and respiratory allergies, outperforming Ayurveda medicine Sitopaladi powder and Giloy powder by 1 gram each. Morning and evening in the state to continue for some time with empty stomach honey is also very comfortable in allergic nasal and respiratory

– Those who have frequent skin allergies, in the month of March April, when the neem tree is getting raw Kapal, chew it 5-7 Kapal with 2-3 black peppers and chew it properly and eat it for 15-20 days. Prevents, Ayurvedic medicine Haridra section made of turmeric is also very effective in allergic diseases of the skin, it can be consumed by the opinion of an Ayurveda doctor.

Food and living is very important in all allergic diseases

so if you adopt these remedies while keeping your food and living habits properly, then you will be able to fight the allergies and will stay away from allergic diseases English medicine prevention in allergic diseases So they do, but do not eliminate the disease from the root, whereas if the medicines of Ayurveda are taken rules, then they have the power to eliminate the diseases from the root.

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