Alcohol Addiction Symptoms and Ways to Quit

When a person becomes physically or mentally dependent on something, that condition is called Addiction or Addiction. Addiction can be caused by many things like – smack, heroin, hashish, hemp, alcohol, tobacco, bidi, cigarette, gutka, zarda etc. Nowadays, some new additions – in the form of uncontrolled misuse of Internet, Whatsapp and Facebook, are coming in front of us, which is quite fatal.

Alcohol Addiction Symptoms and Treatment:

we will discuss with you about the causes, symptoms and remedies available for alcohol addiction in this article.

Alcohol addiction –

Alcohol addiction is a serious disease. Which has gripped the society in a very dangerous way. Victims of alcohol addiction become extremely distraught when they do not get alcohol. They make various excuses for the intoxication of alcohol. There is no hesitation in lying, stealing against drugs and even committing criminal acts.

People consume alcohol in many ways. Some people drink appropriately in controlled amounts. There is no problem for anyone by drinking their liquor. On the other hand, for some people, alcohol becomes a major problem of life, they have no control over alcohol, but alcohol gets complete control over their life. Alcohol becomes the most important item in his life. Due to alcohol, many physical, mental problems arise in his life, but despite all this, the person does not give up alcohol. This is the biggest drawback of alcohol.

Causes of alcohol addiction:
There are several reasons for consuming alcohol, which are as follows –

Alcohol Addiction

1. Shock.

Many people drink in weddings due to hobbies, curiosity or pressure from friends. Many of them do not need to drink again. But when the hobby of many people turns into habit and when the habit turns into addiction. They do not know and by the time it is discovered, it is too late.

2. Heredity.

If one of the parents is an alcoholic, then the chances of alcohol addiction in the child increase significantly.

3. Environment & Atmosphere.

The home environment also plays a big role in alcohol addiction. If the household members drink alcohol and the environment around the house or the neighborhood is also similar, then the child grows up by seeing them, which increases the chances of alcohol addiction in the child.

4. Easy availability of alcohol and cheap liquor.

In our country, where it is becoming difficult to get essential items like milk and water, it is easy to get alcohol which increases the possibility of Alcohol Addiction. The recent Bihar government ban on alcohol is a good step in this direction. Other states should also do the same.

5. Mental Stress and Depression.

Many people consider alcohol as a means to relieve tension and boredom of life. But there comes a time when alcohol becomes the biggest tension of his Life.

6. Starting alcohol consumption in early age –

The younger the person starts drinking, the greater the chances of getting addicted.

7. Promotion of Alcohol.

Through the advertisements of TV etc., when a person sees his favorite hero etc. advertising an attractive form of alcohol, he gets easily attracted to the drug. If the liquor companies cannot directly add it, then they promote their brand under the pretext of music cds, and soda and entice people for alcohol consumption.

Harmful effects of alcohol addiction:

Taking alcohol in small amounts initially improves the mood. Some people argue in favor of drinking alcohol that even doctors recommend to drink two pegs. But friends, how many people who after a long time are limited on drinking two pegs? The reality is when two pegs…. In four pegs…. Four pegs in quarters and…. Quarters are converted into bottles, it is not known, and excessive and uncontrolled consumption of alcohol starts causing many physical, mental, economic and social losses which are as follows:

1. Physical damage.

Excessive intake of alcohol increases the likelihood of acidity, stomach ulcers, liver inflammation, liver cirrhosis, hypertension, arterial sclerosis, diabetes, and heart disease and weak bones. She becomes. It also increases the chances of cancer of the mouth, food pipe, stomach and pancreas.

2. Family Discord.

Uncontrolled consumption of alcohol spoils the family environment, fights increase in spouses, alcohol addicts beat their wives and children and spoil relationships with neighbors.

4. Social and economic losses.

Alcoholic person starts having troubles at workplace. Attendance at school and college decreases. Old friends leave and become new alcoholic friends. Drinking and driving alcohol leads to many serious accidents. The person becomes a danger to himself and others as well.

There is a decrease in functionality. Honor in the society decreases. People get cut off. Alcoholic person’s childrenThere are problems in marriage. Incidents of arrest by the police for breaking the law of alcohol intoxication occur. Alcohol intoxications lead to theft, lying, and other criminal acts.

The person is alienated from his work business. His morning begins with alcohol and the night also ends with his alcohol intoxication. The economic situation slowly starts deteriorating due to not paying attention to their business. And finally the situation comes that the person appears ready to buy a bottle of wine after selling everything.

Mahatma Gandhi has said such a beautiful statement regarding alcohol –

Alcohol addiction ruins humans physically, mentally, morally and financially and a person becomes a misdemeanor while drunk.

Symptoms of alcohol addiction:

Alcohol Addiction

Often the person drinking alcohol does not accept that alcohol has become the biggest problem of life for him. Rather, he explains the causes of problems in his life to other persons or circumstances.

By looking at the following symptoms and by CAGE Questionnaire, one can easily guess whether the person has become completely dependent on alcohol or has become a complete victim of alcohol addiction.

1. Need more alcohol for the same intoxication.

A person is not addicted to the same amount of alcohol as it used to be in the past. Now, to get intoxicated from it, one has to take a high amount of alcohol. In this way, the amount of alcohol is converted into two to four pegs, quarters and then when the bottle does not work.

2. Withdrawal symptoms of alcohol.

– If a person is unable to get alcohol due to any reason or has to leave for some time, then –

– Restlessness.

– Nervousness.

– Irritability.

– Tremble.

-Not feeling sleepy.

-Feeling tired.

-Symptoms like loss of work start.

In severe condition, seizures, confuse, fainting and heart attack may also occur.

3. Feeling cut down to alcohol.

If the patient fails to reduce the amount of alcohol even after much effort, then it shows signs of alcohol addiction.

4. Drinking regularly.

The person suffering from alcohol addiction (alcoholic), knowing that alcohol is proving extremely harmful for him, is causing many physical, mental, financial and social problems. Yet he is forced to consume alcohol continuously.

What a poet has said a lot

Who fucking drinks to have fun,

We drink because we have to drink.

5. Feeling shy due to the habit of drinking alcohol

6. Anger about alcohol being interrupted by others

7. Starting the morning with alcohol

A situation comes when the person starts drinking alcohol without rinse off to remove the night hangover. This is a very fatal situation. The more symptoms of the above symptoms are found in the patient. His condition is considered equally serious.

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Ways to quit Alcohol Addiction:

If a person does not consume alcohol regularly, consumes less quantity and has not taken much time while consuming alcohol, but due to alcohol, there are troubles at his home and work place and the person is highly motivated to quit alcohol. Then he may be able to give up alcohol.

1. Make sure to quit alcohol.

2. Avoid association with situations and friends that promote alcohol consumption.

3. Throw empty bottles, cans, etc. out of the house.

4. When there is a possibility of Drink, then eat the food beforehand.

5. Drink plenty of water and other liquids.

6. Adopt Healthy Diet and Lifestyle – Include milk, curd, buttermilk, fruits, green vegetables, sprouted grains, juices etc. in the diet. Start walking regularly in the morning and evening. Practice yoga, exercise, pranayama regularly.

7. Change the routine – If you have a habit of drinking alcohol in the evening after finishing work, then after finishing work, visit parents, brothers and people where they cannot go after drinking alcohol. You can visit the religious place to see your favorite.

8. Do not give up – if you fail to quit, try again.

Remember these lines of Dr. Harivansh Rai Bachchanji:

Those who try are not defeated

The boat does not cross due to fear of the waves,

Those who try are never defeated.

9. Ayurvedic herbs useful in relieving alcohol intoxication / Sharabkilatchodneke Ayurvedic Upay

Herbs like gulbanfasha, nishoth, kutki, giloy, kalamedha, aloe vera, amla, harad, arjuna, brahmi, asgandh, asparagus, fennel, cardamom, basil, neem, chiraitya are useful in reducing alcohol addiction. Also, the symptoms of quitting alcohol reduce symptoms. According to the physical, mental and intoxication status of the patient, they can be taken under the care of a physician.

10. Apple juice, bitter gourd juice, dates, capsicum, parsley, fennel etc. reduce the call of alcohol. But alcohol should not be consumed with them.

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