16 Wonderful Herbal Remedies You Must Try For A Healthy Lifestyle

Herbal remedies are purely natural and have been used since ages!

For making herbal medicines, plants and herbs are used as the basic core ingredient for treating medical ailments.

Herbal Remedies can be done at home and are totally organic, with good healing capabilities and fewer side effects.

Often, pharmaceutical medicines are preferred over herbal remedies and thus the latter remains underestimated.

But to your surprise, herbal remedies can do wonders and provide relief to the patients quite efficiently!

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Herbal Medicine Collection

Herbal medicine is chemical free and generally, do not cause side effects. Instead, they are known to be quite effective enough to treat all kinds of diseases.

And since herbal medicines are easily available and reasonable for the pocket too, then why not give it a try?

Various kinds of diseases and disorders can be treated with herbal remedies.

Whether it is a case of:-

  • Allergies
  • Infections
  • Chronic Diseases
  • Deficiency Diseases
  • Respiratory Ailments
  • Communicable Diseases
  • Non-communicable Diseases etc.

Herbs have a solution for everything!

Following are 16 such prominent herbal remedies to which you can give a try to:-

Symptom: Nausea & Sickness

Remedy: Ginger

If you are prone to motion sickness and often suffer from weakness, dizziness, stomach discomforts etc. then you can definitely give a try to Ginger. Ginger has an organic potency to sooth the sickness.

Ginger as herbal medicine

You can either intake ginger directly or mix it up with your tea or smoothies. You will definitely find immediate relief.

Symptom: Insomnia (Sleeplessness)

Remedy: Lavender Oil

If you are an insomniac and sleep deprived then you can definitely give a try to Lavender Oil. Its fresh fragrance will not only relax your anxiety but will also calm you down. You can just add a few drops of it in your bathing water and have a fresh bath with it. Or otherwise, you can just sprinkle some drops of the oil on your bed and pillow, it will truly induce you to sleep peacefully!

Its soothing effect will definitely do the magic!

Symptom: Skin Problems

Remedy: Aloe vera

Aloe vera is the most versatile herb and it has various benefits. It not only treats skin problems but treats digestion issues as well.

Aloe vera’s antibacterial properties help in treating pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, tanning, rashes etc. Its pulp can be either applied directly or it can be mixed with honey, curd, milk, turmeric etc. to cure the skin issues.

It is easily available in the market and also you can grow its plant in your own garden! It contains several acids, enzymes, and vitamins which help to deal with skin problems and stomach issues too.

Symptom: Wounds & Cuts

Remedy: Turmeric

Turmeric is generally used in food items to add that extra color and flavor. But do you know this herb can be used as a herbal remedy to treat wounds and cuts?

Well,  if you meet an accident or have a cut on your body. In such case turmeric is one of the best herbal remedies, you can just sprinkle some turmeric powder on to the wound. The healing attribute of the powder will immediately stop the blood flow and will work as an instant cure. Do give it a try to it in injury cases.

Symptom: Anxiety. Depression, Psychiatric Disorders, Alzheimer’s

Remedy: Gotu Kola

This herb consists of such organic properties which help to tame down anxiety and depression. It’s intake help to decrease blood pressure and inflammation. It works as an antidepressant

It is also helpful in treating jaundice, cholera, skin scars, blood clots, stretch marks, insomnia etc.

Symptom: Urinary Issues, Cancer

Remedy: Cranberry

Cranberry is best known for treating UTI i.e. Urinary Tract Infections. Its intake helps in preventing urinary infections. It is rich in antioxidant content and possesses a high level of vitamin C, vitamin A, and vitamin K.

Cranberries are helpful in treating stomach issues, blood disorders, dental problems etc. too!

Several studies have found out that cranberries can slow down the formulation of the cancerous tumors in the body and can help in preventing liver, breast and prostate cancers.

Symptom: Ear Pain

Remedy: Garlic

At times, we might suffer from earaches and pains, especially during winters! We know, the pain is terrible and totally unbearable. But why to worry when herbs are at the rescue?

Garlic For Herbal Remedies

You can heal the earache with Garlic Ear Drops. You can find it easily in stores, or else, you can make it in your kitchen. Just take a piece of garlic, crush it out and extract its juice and drop a little amount of it in your ears. You will immediately observe a sense of relief. The antifungal and pain-relieving properties of garlic will calm down your pain.

Symptom: Cough

Remedy: Eucalyptus Oil

Suffering from a cough? Well then try Eucalyptus Oil.

The oil is known to treat all kinds of respiratory diseases. You are not required to do much effort, just take a handkerchief, add few drops of the Eucalyptus Oil on it and keep smelling it from time to time. The oil has soothing properties which help to flush out the mucus and clear out the nose!

Its fragrance is quite pleasant and the oil is easily available in the market.

Symptom: Wounds & Cuts

Remedy: Turmeric

Turmeric is generally used in food items to add that extra color and flavor. But do you know this herb can be used as a herbal remedy to treat wounds and cuts?

Well if you meet an accident or have a cut on your body, you can just sprinkle some turmeric powder on to the wound. The healing attribute of the powder will immediately stop the blood flow and will work as an instant cure. Do give it a try to it in injury cases.

Symptom: Broken Bones and Tissues, Sprains, Bruises

Remedy: Comfrey (Knitbone)

Comfrey is an amazing herb and proves to be of great help to solve problems of broken bones, sprains, and bruises. Its leaves and roots are used for healing swelling, burns and any kind of bruises.

Its limited usage can help in curing the pain!

Symptom: Migraines, Fever, Aches, Insect Bites

Remedy: Feverfew

Feverfew is widely used in treating dental aches, insect bites, headaches, migraines, fever etc.

Its an effective herb with several soothing characteristics which has the ability to cure various kinds of pains and bites. Its usage should be done under the proper guidance of doctor only!

Symptom: Cough & Cold

Remedy: Saltwater

Almost every one of us suffers from Cough & Cold, especially during weather changes. We often tend to intake pharmaceutical drugs as a cure. But why to invest money in costly medicines when we have herbal remedies for that such as salt and water can do the trick?

Yes, saltwater is the most easily available herbal remedy which can be used to cure cough and cold. You just need to add a little amount of salt in hot water and intake it as it is. Also, you can do gargles with the salt water 3-4 times a day for immediate relief.

Symptom: Digestion Problems, Asthma, Respiratory Issues, Allergies

Remedy: Mint

Mint is an easily available herb known for its refreshing flavor and smell. The herb is used in several herbal remedies to cure digestion and gastric problems. The fragrance of the mint leaves activates salivary glands in our mouths along with other glands as well, which secrete some digestive enzymes which ultimately helps in promoting healthy digestion.

Also, mint leaves are helpful enough to treat chronic disease like Asthma as well. And yes, it prevents memory loss, helps in weight loss, cure skin allergies and improves oral health too.

Symptom: Eyesight, Metabolism

Remedy: Bilberry

Bilberry herb is used for increasing metabolism, improving immunity and strengthen the body’s overall health.

It is also used to treat eye problems like cataract, retinal disorders,dry-eyes etc. It’s a great herbal option with fewer chances of side effects. The herb’s leaves and fruits are making herbal medicines.

Symptom: Issues of Lungs, Kidneys, Urinary System

Remedy: Burdock

Burdock has been used in the herbal world since ages. Its leaves, seeds, and fruits are known to have healing qualities which can cure ailments related to kidneys, lungs, stomach etc. Though it possesses antioxidant properties this herb should be used in limited quantity only and that too under proper guidance as well.

Symptom: Heart Problems, Psychiatric Disorders, Brain Functioning Issues

Remedy: Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo Bilola a widely used herb which is known to be of great use in dealing with heart problems, psychiatric disorders, brain functioning issues, anxiety, eye problems etc.

It consists of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which does the job!

You can give it a try to deal with such symptoms and enjoy a great relief!

So Herbal Wishers, this was a little guide about herbs and some effective herbal remedies.

We hope you got an insight into the herbal world and its wonders!

Know more About Us and stay in touch to know more about herbs and herbal medicines.

Stay Healthy With Herbs!

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