10 Best Natural Remedies For Cough! Must Try

Are you suffering from a bad cough? Want to know about some natural remedies for a cough?

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We understand the pain which you go through while suffering from a severe cough.

Now, Cough, as we know, is mainly a common reflexive action that clears the throat of mucus or some odd irritants. Although, coughing helps to clean out our throat and generally do not last for too long, in some cases, the situation might be just the opposite!

If the cough exists for a longer span of time, the situation might be a little risky!

But don’t you worry!

We have curated a list of some easy natural remedies for a cough with which you can bid adieu to this annoying ailment!

But before that let us list out which are the prominent Causes of Cough:-

  • Allergy
  • Smoking
  • Respiratory Tract Infection
  • Viral Infection
  • Exposure to fumes, dust, irritants etc.

Make sure and try to keep yourself away from such above-mentioned causes. Keep yourself clean and try to stay in a free-from-dust environment!

Following are some tricks with which you can prevent a cough:-

Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water and other liquids so as to keep your body well hydrated and your lungs clean!

Cover Up

Do not forget to cover up your mouth or nose whenever you cough or sneeze.

Avoid Contact

Try to stay a little away from people who are suffering from a cough. Or in case, you are having a bad cough, avoid coming in contact with other people so that they would not get infected!

Keep It Clean

Always keep your surroundings clean and tidy!

Whether it is your room, your bed, your books, or even your mobile phone! Make sure to clean them up from time to time.


Make a habit of washing your hands whenever you cough. Always clean your hands after eating, going to the washroom, and also after returning home from outside!

Try to adopt these tricks, in order to avoid an ailment of cough!

Now, let’s go through some of the easiest natural remedies for cough, which can help you beat the irritating illness:-

Honey is the Answer!

Yes, Honey is the answer to many diseases with several benefits, for a cough too!

Honey consists of anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which help in fighting the infection. You can just take honey either directly or mix it up with some warm water and add a few drops of lemon to it.

Honey as natural remedy for cough

This combination is perfectly appropriate to beat the cough! All the ingredients are natural and do not cause any side effects!

Precious Peppermint!

Peppermint consists of Menthol which possesses soothing properties!

It is one of the widely used herbs to fight the cough. It helps in breaking down the mucus and plays the role of a decongestant.

You can give a try to peppermint tea, it will definitely help in cleaning the throat.

You can also take steam of peppermint water by adding a few drops of peppermint oil to hot boiling water.

Go for Ginger!

Ginger is one such herb which has been used since ages!

Because of its rich content in antibacterial properties, ginger helps to cure the cough a little faster.

Using ginger is easy as well. You just need to add a few pieces of ginger to your tea and drink it hot!

You will observe an immediate relief. The ginger will clear out your throat swiftly and will help in eliminating the odd irritants!

Thyme for the Treatment

Thyme is a great herb used for treating cough and has been in use for hundreds of years!

It is used in treating sore throat and can be used quite easily.

You just need to add a little amount of it to your hot tea and drink it as it is. This natural remedy for cough is the easiest and the most effective one too!


Though Liquorice might have a medical flavour but its properties are amazing when it comes to treating sore throats! You can consume this herb in various ways.

You can eat some twigs of Liquorice as it is, or you can add some pieces of it to your tea or some hot water. Also, you can have it with honey.

You will be surprised to see the quick relief you will have after consuming this herb!

Salt & Water

The combination of salt and water turns out to be another easy natural remedy!

Just boil a cup of water and add about half a spoon of salt to it. Drink it immediately or even you can gargle with this hot water

You will notice a great relief. This remedy will help in clearing out the mucus and cleaning the lungs well from within!

Loyal Lemon

Consuming a lemon directly is a task!

But its properties which help to beat a throat infection is just matchless!

You can suck a lemon as it is or you can sprinkle some salt and pepper onto it as well. You can also have it by adding some drops of honey too.

This is one of the easiest natural remedies for cough.


Mullein is known for treating respiratory diseases like cough, tuberculosis, asthma etc. This herb has amazing features which help in treating even a bad condition of cough.

You can consume it by adding dry mullein along with your tea and honey. You will definitely have a relief from the cough and its pain by using this easy natural remedy!

Honey Tea with Black Pepper

For treating a wet cough, this natural remedy for cough is considered to be quite effective.

For this remedy, take some hot boiling water, add some honey and a little amount of pepper. Mix the ingredients well and have it immediately.

The honey will relieve the cough and the pepper will stimulate the circulation and the flow of mucus.

Essential Oil of Eucalyptus

If you are suffering from a cough along with chest pain, then eucalyptus is the absolute solution!

Take some eucalyptus oil on cotton and rub it on your chest. The oil will relieve you from the chest pain and will help you drain out the mucus.

eucalyptus as natural remedy for cough

You can also add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to a bowl of hot boiling water and take steam of it.

You can easily find the eucalyptus oil in the market at pocket-friendly prices. So, next time when you face a condition of a cough, you can give it a try to this remedy!

So, with this blog, we tried to list out the easiest natural remedies for cough.

You can easily try these at home without spending anything on those costly pharmaceutical medicines.

Give it a try, you will be amazed by the results.

Natural and Herbal Remedies are always the most advantageous and we already mentioned the Benefits of Herbal Medicines in our previous post. Do check it out as well.

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