Yoga Benefits – 10 Tips

Yoga is a Gauravamayi part of India’s ancient culture,

due to which India has been the world guru for centuries. Yoga is such an easy and natural method through which many spiritual benefits can be achieved with a healthy mind and body. Swami Ramdev Ji Maharaj had taken out of the caves and the caves, reached the common people, and the same yoga has been set a step ahead by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on the world stage.

Adopt & stay healthy:

It is the firm belief of the world in yoga that 177 countries passed the proposal made by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in the United Nations in a very limited time to celebrate International Yoga Day.

on 21 June.

What Is Yoga ?

The word yoga is derived from the Sanskrit ‘use’ metal which means to add, that is, to connect the body, mind and soul into a sutra. Yoga, the great text of yoga, says about Yoga in Patanjali Yoga philosophy.


– That is to control the instincts of the mind.

– The Gita states – Yoga: KarmasuKaushalam.

– That is, it is the skill or skill in actions.


10 Benefits.


It has always been used for physical, mental and spiritual benefits. Today’s medical researches have proved that yoga is a boon for mankind physically and mentally.


While gymnasium exercises only a particular part of the body, exercises all the organs of the body, the glands, so that the organs start functioning smoothly.


Yoga increases the power to fight against diseases. You can stay young even in old age, the skin glows, the body becomes healthy, healthy and strong.


While on the one hand Yogasan gives confirmation to the muscles of the flesh, which makes the lean skinny person also stronger and stronger, on the other hand, the daily practice of yoga also reduces the fat from the body, thus yogasanans is beneficial for both agriculture and physical.

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Regular exercise of yogasanas leads to good muscle exercise. Due to which stress gets better sleep, hunger is good, digestion is right.


Benefits of Pranayama – Pranayama and meditation parts of yogasanans are also very beneficial for the body like yogasanas, through pranayama control the speed of breathing, which gives great benefit in diseases related to respiratory institutions. Pranayama is very beneficial in diseases like asthma, allergies, sinusitis, chronic nausea, cold, etc. It also increases the ability of the lungs to accept oxygen, which causes more oxygen to the body cells, which has a positive effect on the whole body.


Benefits of Meditation – Meditation is also an important part of yogasanans. Nowadays meditation or meditation is being propagated abroad even more than in our country. In today’s materialist culture, stress has increased due to day to night running, work pressure, mistrust in relationship etc. In such a situation, there is nothing better than meditation, meditation removes mental tension and deepens spiritual peace, increases working power, sleep is good. Concentration and perception power of the mind increases.


Blood sugar levels decrease with yoga and this. Or also reduces bad cholesterol. Yogasanans is very beneficial for diabetes patients. Also read: How to control diabetes?


It has been found in some studies that through some yogasanas and meditation, pain in arthritis, back pain, etc. is greatly improved and the need for medicine decreases.


It’s increases the body’s resistance and decreases your dependence on medicines. It has been proved in many studies that patients with asthma, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes have become completely healthy by yoga.

In short, it is not merely an exercise to do physical exercise or to cure diseases, but is a life system that makes life better.

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